Black Note E-Juice

Alloy Blends E-Juices

Vanilla custard that is refined to be slightly sweet, very rich and smooth, the perfect custard.

Blueberry marshmallow.

Rich, bold and sophisticated, this is a very smooth and full bodied creamy vanilla cappuccino blend.

Mouthwatering, refreshing, yet creamy infused blend of lemon and orange. Walking a fine line between fruit and dessert.

Very creamy, true to life peanut butter flavor, expertly blended for extra smoothness and complexity.

Layered, deep and extravagant, a delicious waffle cone dessert flavor mixed with fresh cream.

Strawberry bubble burst.

A delicious pineapple fruit blended with tangy yogurt, topped off with Bavarian Cream.

70% VG

The Doh is Alloy Blend's take on the classic Boston Cream Donut, done in what we think is an accurate taste representation of the iconic flavor. Luscious and rich, this is a creamy all day vape that will delight you with it's decadence.

70% VG

Mixed apple blend with other underlying notes throughout. Crafted as an indulgent rich taste that's reminiscent of a Dutch apple fritter.

A very complex, earthy and balanced mix, it is a light well blended vanilla tobacco.