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Balls Vape

Balls by Balls Vape

Old fashioned strawberry pie. Plump, juicy strawberries ensconced in a flaky golden crust. A sweet, nostalgic flavor representing a modern take on a classic dessert...

70% VG

Culture by Balls Vape
Culture by Balls Vape 1 from $10.50 $14.00

Mango Lassi. This mouth-watering, deliciously exotic vape blends sunny, golden mango with a tangy and refreshing Greek yogurt base. Rich, creamy, and sweet, this succulent flavor is a yogurt lover's ADV.

70% VG

Forever by Balls Vape
Forever by Balls Vape $14.00

Vanilla creme-brulee. Our signature juice. This creamy dessert flavor is the epitome of sinful indulgence. Rich, smooth, vanilla-infused custard with a hint of warm caramel. 

70% VG

Sand by Balls Vape
Sand by Balls Vape $14.00

Coconut-cream trifle. A vacation in a bottle to be enjoyed year-round. The perfect balance of luscious, creamy coconut filling followed by a sweet whipped cream finish.

70% VG

Shade by Balls Vape

Blueberry shortcake with cream. A melt-in-your-mouth sweet, crumbly shortcake imparted with a delicate blueberry essence topped with rich whipped cream.

70% VG