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Basics E-Juice

Blueberry by BASICS
Blueberry by BASICS from $12.75 $15.00


65% VG

Flawlessly Mango by BASICS
Flawlessly Mango by BASICS $25.00

 Tropical, sweet and delicious, Its flesh is extremely juicy and somewhat fibrous carrying the exotic flavor notes of the fruit itself.

Grape by BASICS
Grape by BASICS from $12.75 $15.00


65% VG

Grapefruit Blast by BASICS
Grapefruit Blast by BASICS $25.00

The grapefruit tree grows to be as large and vigorous as an orange tree, The foliage is very dense, with leaves dark and shiny green and nearly glamorous. Lemon-yellow when ripe, Sour yet Sweet to taste

Green Apple by BASICS
Green Apple by BASICS from $12.75 $15.00

Green Apple

65% VG

Peach by BASICS
Peach by BASICS from $12.75 $15.00


65% VG

Pomegranate Fuzion by BASICS
Pomegranate Fuzion by BASICS $25.00

The pomegranate is one of those fruits that everyone has heard of and few have actually tried. From the outside, it does not always look particularly appealing. The juice of this sac is what provides the tart taste and the deep Sweetness you are sure to fall in love with

Strawberry by BASICS
Strawberry by BASICS from $12.75 $15.00


65% VG

Watermelon by BASICS
Watermelon by BASICS from $12.75 $15.00


65% VG