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Homiez NY E-Liquid

Bae by Homiez NY
Bae by Homiez NY $18.00

Ripe Strawberries with Cream

80% VG

Loko by Homiez NY
Loko by Homiez NY $18.00

Lemon Cake

80% VG

Lucky by Homiez NY
Lucky by Homiez NY $18.00

That sweet cereal we all carefully plucked the magic marshmallows out of but with a twist...... Literally. Homiez improved upon this breakfast classic with a blend of citrus fruits to make it the sickest cereal around. Even after you pick all the marshmallows out.

80% VG

O.G. by Homiez NY
O.G. by Homiez NY $18.00

Vanilla Cake

80% VG