Black Note E-Juice

Magic Juice E-Liquid

Your favorite airhead candy flavor, now magically infused with blue raspberry flavor.

There's something fruity and magical about Magic's Double Dragon. One taste of this melon, strawberry, and some magic and you'll see why this juice represents two mystical beasts.

This widely recognized distinction of excellence is formed with a magical fusion of guava, strawberry, and exotic fruits.

This Grape flavor by Magic Juice isn't like your ordinary grape. It's a magical one! A tropical Grape and Magic Fusion to deliver you a grape that reminds you of a kool-aid or skittles candy inspired grape flavor.

Remember your favorite candy back in the golden days? Experience Red Airhead Candy inspired e-liquid and magically come back to that moment when you had your first bite into that airhead candy.

Wake up in the morning and enjoy this magical blend of sweet roasted coffee, magical bakery notes of cinnamon roll, and vanilla frosting.