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OMG E-Liquid

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With an attentive focus on quality, brands like OMG E-Liquid bring exciting vape juice to the table. This California-based brand handcrafts each batch of e-liquid to ensure that its customers are receiving the finest product. With iconic labels that provide a burst of color, OMG is sure to grab your attention right away, and their tasty flavors help satisfy your need for something sweet. Check out the inventory at eLiquid.com and fill up your cart.

Premium 60 VG/40 PG E-Juice Blends

Not all e-juice is the same. While some manufacturers churn out plenty of bottles in a short time, OMG has continued to work on small batches to perfect the formula in each and every bottle. Our selection offers 60 VG/40 PG blends, which offer some very beneficial qualities.

Vegetable glycerin is a hypoallergenic compound that provides a thickness and sweetness along with dense clouds with every exhale. Alternatively, propylene glycol is designed to have only a small impact on the flavoring and helps the blend last longer. It even delivers a strong throat hit for an intense experience. Our 60 VG/40 PG e-juice blends are crafted for the best of both worlds.

Discover the Best OMG Vape Juice Flavors

SMH squeezes strawberry and kiwi flavor into every last drop. The result is a tropical flavor your taste buds will love exploring again and again. One of our best sellers is WTF, which takes a traditional strawberry taste and infuses it with a sour flavor. This one will make your mouth pucker in all the right ways. WTF Ice offers a similar sweetness, but adds in the minty chill of menthol.


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