Black Note E-Juice

Pixy Drips E-Juice

About this Brand: 

Established in 2014 Conspiracy Liquids TM strives to provide a delicious unique vaping experience. With a strong passion for artistry style flavoring and dedication to brand awareness. Pixy Drips E-Liquid Conspiracies newest creation is no exception. These 3 delicious flavors are sweet, delicate and reminiscent. Bring these flavors aboard in your local vape shop and you'll be the buzz around town. 

A grape sugar powder that will leave a dusty layer on your taste buds. 

80% VG

Over the rainbow and through the woods is a bottle of e-liquid, so sweet and delicious you'll rush to share with friends and family, If you like eating a handful of your favorite sweets then you'll love this stand out flavor.

80% VG

CB said it best "If you can't slam with the best, then jam with the rest." We made a strawberry for everyone to enjoy. Slammin strawberry will rock your taste buds with sweetness

80% VG