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TNGL Vapors

Citrus by TNGL Vapors
Citrus by TNGL Vapors from $12.00

Tart, but not too tart. Cool, but not too cool. A perfectly balanced lemon vape that will leave you with a breath of fresh air.

70% VG

Melon by TNGL Vapors
Melon by TNGL Vapors from $12.00

A mojito inhale with a light menthol exhale. You can never go wrong with Melon TNGL.

70% VG

Passion by TNGL Vapors
Passion by TNGL Vapors from $12.00

This cool passion fruit vape is perfect for those long summer days. A fruity menthol that will leave you tingling for more.

70% VG