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Top-Tier Vape

Dat Glaze Dough by Top-Tier Vape

-fluffy doughnuts fried to perfection
-strawberry cream cheese frosting
-heavily glazed and covered in sprinkles
-sweet, soft, and vibrant flavor.

75% VG

Fizz On The Beach by Top-Tier Vape

-freshly squeezed orange juice
-pineapple slices and lemon zest
-frothed up with bubbly cream soda
-refreshing and full of sunshine.

75% VG

Velvet Cakewalk by Top-Tier Vape
Velvet Cakewalk by Top-Tier Vape $20.00

 -moist layers of rich red velvet cake
-scoops of creamy vanilla bean gelato
-swirled with frosted cake crumbles
-indulgent, smooth, and just divine.

75% VG