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AppleJacked by @VaporRelated
AppleJacked by @VaporRelated 1 from $15.00

Sweet apple flavor with a mellow cinnamon kick just like the cereal you grew up with.

70% VG 

ButteryApple by @VaporRelated
ButteryApple by @VaporRelated from $15.00

A smooth custard flavor that has a hint of green apple on the exhale. Loved by all the sweet tooth vapors :D.

70% VG 

MadMelons by @VaporRelated
MadMelons by @VaporRelated Sold Out - $15.00

For the fruit lovers that love a blast of all melons mixed into one bottle!

70% VG 

RedFish by @VaporRelated
RedFish by @VaporRelated from $15.00

Tastes just like the red fish looking candy you ate growing up!

70% VG 

UniMilk by @VaporRelated
UniMilk by @VaporRelated from $15.00

Very nice creamy strawberry milkshake

70% VG