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Vapour Militia

Battle of Melondy by Vapour Militia - All the best eLiquid flavors -
Battle of Melondy by Vapour Militia from $6.00 $12.00

The Battle of Melondy is a long one but you don't mind. Sitting at your post with a clear gaze on the distance, there is no immediate danger to you or your men. Holed up with no clear timeline of departure, you reach you hand over to a fruit basket and toss the melons around in your hand: honeydew, cantaloupe, mango, and guava. The sun begins to fade and you sink your teeth into the refreshing, bright citrus fruit, kicking your feet up on the banister as the sticky juice drips down your chin, always keeping your eyes set on the distance in support of your countrymen.

Combat Punch by Vapour Militia - All the best eLiquid flavors -
Combat Punch by Vapour Militia from $6.00 $12.00

Breathe in the sweet, sugary scent of your childhood without all of the artificial flavors that turned your tongue red for hours! No matter where you are in the world, Combat Punch pulls you home with a pitcher full of Classic Style Fruit Punch Drink at the dinner table or a cold can from the cooler in the backyard on a hot summer day. The tang of Pineapples, Oranges and Cherries pulls at the back of your jaw with a sour twist but hints of bubble gum and the original sugary overload tastes are there to offer relief in the most satisfying way.

Desert Storm by Vapour Militia - All the best eLiquid flavors -
Desert Storm by Vapour Militia from $6.00 $12.00

Marching across the ruthless, lifeless desert you feel the beating heat of the sun on your brow. The unfailing wind picks up sand like a toy and tosses it carelessly, blasting you with dust. In a funny way, it reminds you of the apple cinnamon roll from back home and, as you close your eyes, you can see the strong splashes and swipes of intense cinnamon flavor across the crumb cake dough. A chilling breath of relief hits you as you revel in the hidden touches of cool vanilla glimmering from the ice cream mixed inside and, as you nearly trip on a rock in the sand, you remember the crisp crunch of apple with a lively punch of flavor that catches you by surprise each time.

Grenade A La Mode by Vapour Militia - All the best eLiquid flavors -
Grenade A La Mode by Vapour Militia from $6.00 $12.00

Nothing beats mom's famous apple pie with spicy notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice tossed over the fresh, crisp fruit of fall. As if she hadn't outdone herself already, there was always a drizzle of golden caramel and a heaping scoop of creamy ice cream, speckled with the pure flavor of vanilla bean, slowly melting and running across the hot plate. When you're away from it, removed from the comforts of home with only memories and imagination to fill the void, nothing brings more enjoyment than a care package carrying one heavenly bite.

Rolling Thunder by Vapour Militia - All the best eLiquid flavors -
Rolling Thunder by Vapour Militia from $6.00 $12.00

Opening a care package from home, you never really know what to expect but you always hope for something that fills your soul and offers a touch of closeness to your family who's so far away. Ripping the tape off, the excitement grows and you discover fresh cinnamon sugar cookies inside. The buttery dough is flattened and the velvety custard is oozing out, but you don't mind. Popping the whole dessert in your mouth with a single, swift bite, you experience the milky decadence of the velvety custard filling paired with the subtly sharp, sweet cinnamon cookie pieces that surround it.

Stars and Stripes by Vapour Militia - All the best eLiquid flavors -
Stars and Stripes by Vapour Militia from $6.00 $12.00

Patriotism runs in your blood and you'd give up your life for your country. The stars and stripes are evident in every part of your life and the Fourth of July is celebrated year round in your book. Your memory shifts back to one patriotic holiday in particular when a kind old lady had set out a special fruit dish to share. Sliced, cool bananas were glazed with a naturally sweet strawberry glaze, completely covering every bite so that you couldn't taste on fruit without the other. Topped with a punchy vanilla bean ice cream on top, the flag has never tasted any creamier, sweeter, or more delicious.

The Lucky 7th by Vapour Militia - All the best eLiquid flavors -
The Lucky 7th by Vapour Militia $6.00 $12.00

Your day in the barracks starts off with a brisk walk to the chow hall to grab your morning breakfast of cereal and milk. You’re in luck, your favorite scrumptious cereal of frosted oats and multi fruit marshmallows is there and starts your morning with a smile. As you dive into your bowl you notice the fresh cream and spongy marshmallow goodness mixed with the right amount of frosted oats to complete the most lucky morning after a long week in the field, training and eating MRE’s for breakfast. The Lucky 7th flavor is so damn good that when you finish the entire bowl you start to drink the creamy milk mixed with fruity marshmallow speckles to the last drop.

U.S.S. Watermelon by Vapour Militia - All the best eLiquid flavors -
U.S.S. Watermelon by Vapour Militia from $7.80 $12.00

The U.S.S. Watermelon Battleship is equipped with a burst of multiple refreshing watermelon flavors mixed with the tantalizing treat of an impenetrable hard candy shell. This watermelon hard candy is surely to take you back to the jolly times of being a child and eating sweets without the consequences, or different colored tongue to cure any sweet tooth cravings you may have while on a long day of watch standing. This jolly watermelon hard candy is sure to keep you coming back for another slice.

Velvet Blood by Vapour Militia - All the best eLiquid flavors -
Velvet Blood by Vapour Militia from $6.00 $12.00

When the fighting stops and you pause, sitting among the trampled, succulent strawberry fields, you breathe in the air and experience the thickness of velvet blood. A cool breeze wafts over as you lift your head to the sky and remember the comforts of home, filling yourself up with creamy, egg-y custards. As all of the memories, emotions, and stimulus hit you like a wall you simply take a deep breath in, blow it out, and get through another day.