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Wat A Waffle E-Juice

BlurrBerry by Wat A Waffle E-Juice
BlurrBerry by Wat A Waffle E-Juice 1 from $18.75 $25.00

Our second flavor is Blurrberry! Get ready for a sensation of thick Belgian Waffles with juicy blueberries, sweet vanilla ice cream, and toppled with our sweet syrup. After taking your first pull, you will feel nothing but serendipity. Yum! Yum! Yum! If the flavor of the perfect combination of light, fluffy and crisp with bites of juicy blueberries throughout sounds appealing to you. We think you should try this soon! 


StrawBurry by Wat A Waffle - All the best eLiquid flavors - eLiquid.com
StrawBurry by Wat A Waffle E-Juice 2 $25.00

Life is filled with beautiful reasons to celebrate. Our first flavor Strawburry, will take your morning vapes to the next level! You will satisfy your craving for this dreamy breakfast as if it was right in front of you. With its golden buttermilk waffles, lightly crispy on the outside and golden and fluffy on the inside made to perfection. Topped with vanilla ice cream and strawberry ...richly blended with maple syrup!