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Have an incurable sweet tooth? Satisfy your spontaneous dessert cravings with a puff of the vapor provided by our Knight e-juice! This premium e-liquid by Valgous tastes just like a creamy custard-filled pastry but without all of those pesky calories. Our e-liquids are 100% made in the USA out of the finest ingredients in order to offer vapers with nothing but the highest quality vaping products.

70% VG

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United States

    Fool me Once....

    The Knight juice itself is awesome. The site's ability to get it to you Not so much. The first time ordering it, I kept getting e-mails and confirmations of receipt and delivery saying that the Knight was on its way. I ended up getting the King which is not at all similar. The site immediately figured out there was some kind of system error that switched the juices, apologized, and sent me the correct juice. After recognizing there was a system glitch that caused this problem, I figured they would have gone ahead and fixed it for future orders. Crazy of me, right Thinking the best, I ordered TWO bottles and the same thing happened again. This time, the site sent me a mailing label and said they couldn't help until I bought an envelope and mailed the bottles back. No refund, no correct juice, nothing until they got their stuff back. I know some won't agree but I feel like if a business messes up your order twice in a row, they should be doing everything in their power to apologize of rectify the issue. I saw this as them expecting me to have gotten used to the order being messed up and jump through hoops just to get a juice. As much as I really wanted to get the Knight again (because it is really that freaking good), I decided to just eat the loss and move on from using the site again. Back to buying from local shops for me....