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Little Lion - (Blueberry, Banana-Cream)
Alexander Hamilton - also known as the "Little Lion" for his lean, athletic stature, and sharp wit, was captured by the Red Coats early on during the Revolution. Taken to a far away land, bound in shackles, with many strange beasts, Alexander found himself chained next to Livingston. A weird, exotic-creature unlike anything he had seen in the America's. Alexander befriended Livingston. Showing compassion, he plotted their escape, bringing home with him, a new ally to the war. A serum was later derived from the mane of Livingston, and was infused with extracts from his tail. Little Lion is a sweet, smooth, banana cream, with a kick of blueberry candy that will leave you clawing for more!

75% VG

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Rory moore


    This juice is amazing. With the 75/25 vg-pg ratio it is really smooth. The flavor is fantastic too. I would describe the flavor as a creamy banana blueberry shortcake-ish taste. It really compliments a good cup of coffe in the morning, or an all day juice. Definitely buying more founding fathers juice!

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