Top 10 Reasons not to vape Cereal Flavors

10 Reasons why not to vape Cereal E-Juices (A Parody)

We know you’re a hard working individual who may rely on us to help you make the best decisions when it comes to flavors. Well, we’re doing just that. Today we are featuring our top 10 reasons NOT to vape cereal e-liquids.

  1. Too delicious - Have you had the chance to try Max 100 by Phillip Rocke? If you haven’t, let us save you the trouble. This juice is just way too tasty to try. This delicious blend of fruit infused cereal dunked in a fresh bowl of milk, you’re going to waste your entire budget for e-liquid in no time because you won’t be able to put this flavor down. Seriously, we are warning you, this flavor may be addicting.
  2. Satisfies too many flavor profiles - If you haven’t noticed, cereals themselves come in every kind of flavor profile you could imagine. There are even candy cereals out there! Same goes for cereal ejuices, you could try  Cuttwood Vapors - Boss Reserve which features a honey golden graham flavored cereal, and swap right over to Strawberry Crispy Sub Ohm Salt by Ethos for a delicious baked cereal treat. You’re going to go crazy trying to pick a flavor you enjoy, so save yourself the trouble.
  3. You might skip breakfast - With such convincing flavors like Lucky Charm by Liquid EFX, you might think you just finished off a bowl of your favorite morning treat and leave for work when you haven’t eaten at all! We don’t want our customers going hungry at work, so avoid trying these cereal flavors at all costs!
  4. You won’t enjoy other flavors anymore - You read that right, cereal flavors are a plague on the vape community, bringing in so many incredible flavors that satisfy any pallet, you won’t be able to return to your other juices afterward. We don’t like seeing our customers limited to one juice type. Stay strong and stay away from the cereal!
  5. Abundance of variety - There are way too many cereal flavors, with entire brand lines dedicated to different cereals, and many other brands featuring at least one cereal flavor in their line up, you’ll probably spend all day trying to pick one. Don’t waste your time, we both have better things to do than try and pick between a hundred amazing flavors. If you’re determined to do it, perhaps close your eyes and point to one from this list at random and we can end this cycle of madness and indecision.
  6. Batteries won’t last - This is a big one, and something you may overlook. When you first try a cereal flavor, you’re not going to be able to set it down. This might not seem like a problem if you haven’t already read all of our objections above, but what you don’t realize is your batteries WILL NOT LAST! I don’t care if you’re running a three battery mod, or a high capacity pod system, you’re going to burn through that battery way too quick when you see just how good cereal flavors are. If you still feel inclined to ignore our advice, you should definitely invest in a second set of batteries.
  7. Buying new coils constantly - This problem goes hand in hand with the battery section above. You’re going to find yourself vaping way more often if you have a delicious cereal e-liquid, which will lead to your coils burning out much faster. Again, against our wise council, you’ve decided to try cereal e-liquids so you’re going to need some extra coils.
  8. Seriously don’t do it - We are warning you again… while cereal e-liquids sound amazing, you may be biting off more than you want to chew… or vape.
  9. We’ve warned you - And we’ll warn you again, don’t do it.
  10. You’re doing it anyway… - Alright, well if you’re going to vape cereal e-liquids, the least we can do is point you to the right flavor to start. Give Cereal Milk by Kilo e-Liquids a try, with over 143 reviews on our website and 4.5 stars, this fruity cereal and milk combination is a tried and true candidate for a first-time cereal vaper. Good luck, and remember… We did warn you.
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