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RDA Atomizers

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RDA Atomizers, or Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers, are vaping atomizers where the user builds his or her own heating element. This means that the user physically wraps a coil, affixes it to the system and adds a wick.

As the RDA holds only as much e-liquid as the wicks can, users must keep the wicks saturated by dripping vape juice onto them. The RDAs feature a small profile, but produce robust clouds and exceptional flavor.

Choosing an RDA Atomizer for Cloud Chasing

An RDA is a great choice for those who are chasing large clouds. By dripping the liquid inside and then vaping it off after a couple puffs, you'll be able to exhale voluminous clouds. While it may be cumbersome to carry around e-liquid bottles to keep refilling your wicks, you'll be able to change your liquids more often, so you can appease your cravings as they happen. So if you like to enjoy a sweet flavor in the morning, a salt nicotine e-juice in the afternoon and a dessert vape after dinner, you can easily make the changes throughout the day.

RDA Atomizers for Sale at eLiquid.com

RDA atomizers may not be ideal for everyday vaping, but when you want intense flavor delivery and impressive clouds, they are the perfect component for your vape device. eLiquid.com carries a wide range of hardware and parts to get your favorite device just right. So whether you're looking to upgrade your device's components with a new RDA atomizer or are getting started in vaping, eLiquid.com is home to RDA atomizers, starter kits and other accessories.

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