Battery Charging Safety Tips

Battery Charging Safety Tips

-Authored by Randi Sprintis

Almost everything we keep close to us nowadays needs to be charged. Cell phones, laptops, Bluetooth headphones, and of course our vape devices all need a boost every now and again. While this may seem like an easy act of plugging something in and waiting for a green light, it can be more dangerous than you think. If you’ve recently started vaping, you may have overlooked the safety tips listed on your device. Surely you can handle charging a battery from time to time. Unfortunately, accidents can happen more often than you think. There’s been more than one instance of a battery not being cared for properly and leading to an explosion. Even though these explosions are few and far between, it’s still a potentially dangerous situation that needs to be addressed. Even the FDA released tips on how to avoid a battery explosion in vaping devices. So, in celebration of safety being first, let’s review a few of these tips!

Vaping Battery Safety Recommendations:

Always use the right charger. Every mod box system you purchase will come with a charger. Be sure to always use that specific charger for that device. If you lose the charger, make sure you purchase the same one from the same maker. Avoid using other chargers from other manufacturers.

Do not use high amp wall chargers. These types of chargers that are used to quickly charge a cell phone or a laptop and should not be used for your vape devices. These might have higher amps that can cause your device to spark or explode.

Don’t allow batteries to come into contact with metal objects. Be sure to keep any loose batteries in a separate container. If they’re in your pocket and they touch keys, coins, or any other metal object in your pocket, this can become very dangerous when charging.

Replace wet or damaged batteries. Never attempt to charge a device with damp or damaged batteries. This can not only be dangerous, but it can cause the vaping device to malfunction as well.

Don’t charge your device overnight or while you’re not home. Always make sure that you’re there when charging your batteries. It’s never recommended to leave a charging device unattended or for too long.

Charge your device on a clean surface. Always take note of the surrounding objects near your device when it’s being charged. Don’t let it touch clothes, metal items, or other electronic devices when charging. Remember that your battery will become warm when charging, so make sure it’s not near anything that’s flammable.

Read your instruction manual carefully. The manufacturer who designed the vaping device will explain exactly how to care for and charge your device. They will also include safety recommendations and instructions on how to use other safety features such as safety locks and ventilation holes.

Don’t disable safety features. Fire button locks are put in place to protect you or the device from heating up at the wrong time or in the wrong place, like the bottom of a bag.

Keep your device away from extreme temperatures. Don’t leave your device or batteries in extreme hot or cold places. This can be dangerous during the charging stages and do damage to your vape device.
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