best blue razz disposables

Best Blu Razz Disposable Vapes

Blue Razz Disposables

The popularity of blue raspberry as a flavor spans all manner of consumable products. It is a nostalgic flavor which speaks of summer and a simpler time.

Blue raspberry, also known as blue razz and blue slushie, is especially popular as a salt nic juice flavor. The combination of fruity notes and sweetness is immediately recognizable.

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While there are plenty of high-VG blue razz flavors, dating back Heisenberg/The Berg from Innevape, it is a flavor most commonly found in disposable vapes and often fused with cooling menthol ice. The addition of menthol helps balance out some of the confection edges.

Top Blue Raspberry Disposable Vapes

There are two ways to judge the best blue razz disposable vapes. The quality of the disposable device itself regarding puff count, reliability and vapor production is important. But there is rough parity between many of the devices listed. Gone are the stick bar disposables that might last a day. Today's long lasting disposable vapes are a viable alternative to refillable vape pod kits. They are much better price performers and last far longer than the prefilled gas station nic salt pod kits that are limited to tobacco flavors. 

Best Blue Razz Disposable Vapes Review 

There are no losers on this list of blue raspberry disposable vapes. They are loaded and ready to deliver great flavor. Whether you prefer your blue razz with or without ice, there are plenty to choose from. 


Berg Berry Innevape Invy 6000 Disposable Vape 

 Innevape Invy Collection

The 14ml Invy 6000 is the envy of the disposable vape world. With a capacity of 14ml, it holds nearly half as much salt nic as a bottle. The Innevape flavors are respected and top-notch. Originally known as Heisenberg, that Breaking Bad is becoming a dated reference is a bit depressing, Innevape innovated the blue raspberry flavor in vaping.

Now called "The Berg" for short, the version in the Berg Berry Invy 6000 can be found a blue razz flavor souped up with blueberry notes of extreme juiciness. These augment the delightful blue razz confection flavor. The Invy does not have the endless list of flavors found in some disposables but the ones they chose are easily among the best.


Blue Razz Ice Esco Bars 5000

The only long lasting disposable on this list that retains the classic vape pen shape, the Esco Bars 5000 matches it lozenge shaped rivals in nic salt capacity and convenience. Its form factor is pleasant and easy to use. The Blue Razz Ice flavor developed by Esco Bars is beyond reproach. It pops with gentle fruit and more assertive confectionary blue raspberry flavor. The menthol ice enters last and balances the experience exquisitely.  The Blue Razz Ice Esco Bars Mega may be compact but it is a heavyweight in the blue raspberry disposable division. 

Blue Razz Ice ZoVoo Drag Bar BC5000 Disposable Vape

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Inspired by Voopoo technology, the 12ml Blue Razz Ice ZoVoo BC5000 Drag Bar is not a drag in any sense other than the taut draw-activated puffs it generates. The flavor is sharp and delightful thanks to a sophisticated coil. The device generates up to 5000 puffs and is USB-C rechargeable with a 650mAh battery.  


Blue Razz Ice So Soul Slimz Disposable Vape

so soul slimz

The So Soul Slimz disposable is one of many disposable vapes that has a design that closely resembles the Elf Bar, now known as EB Design, family. It is a rounded, compact and reliable piece of vape kit. Much Like Lost Mary Disposable Vapes, what makes So Soul shine are the magnificent flavors. In this case, the chilly Blue Razz Ice So Soul Slimz Disposable is popping with sweet, cool and bright flavors. 


Blue Raspberry Yaya Square 3000 NTN Disposable Vape

Yaya Collection

The 8.5ml Blue Raspberry Yaya Square 3000 NTN Disposable Vape uses a mesh coil to extract every bit of amazing blue razz flavor from each of the 3000 estimated puffs. More of a classic vape pen design, this is a no-frills disposable with enormous flavor.


Blue Razz Ice Enoubar 6K Disposable Vape

Enoubar Collection

The article says top 5 but there is not much to separate the best blue razz disposable vapes and we had no choice but to include the innovative Enoubar 6K on the list. A compact design, it holds 16ml of Nic Salts and is powered by a 500mAh rechargeable battery. The blue razz flavor is spot-on and balances confection notes with a very vibrant raspberry flavor. The cooling ice keeps it from becoming too cloying of an experience for all-day vaping. 


Blue Razz Lemon Kado Bar

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While not the classic blue razz and blue razz ice flavors represented on the list above, the Kado Bar BR5000 is an excellent disposable vape and their Blue Razz Lemon Kado Bar is a great choice for fans of blue razz who are looking for a change of pace. 


Blueberry Energize EB Design

E.B. Design is the new name for a popular brand: Elf Bar. They have a huge collection of amazing flavors. Whilst their Blue Razz Ice is exceedingly popular, fans of this flavor should also check out the outstanding Blueberry Energize EB Design BC5000 Disposable. It has a fruiter and juicier blueberry notes but the same chilly finish that adult vapers love. 


Blue Razz versus Blue Razz Ice

There is a major split in the blue razz family of flavors. Some are pure blue raspberry and some come with a blast of menthol ice. There is a case to be made for both. Unlike some splits, the popularity of the two is relatively even.

The advantage of blue razz ice is that the cooling element allows for an even sweeter blue raspberry formula to remain balanced. The downside is that not everyone wants a menthol-fruit/confection flavor fusion nic salt. Granted, this is probably the most popular style of vape flavor ever. Blue razz ice flavors are sometimes referred to as blue slushie. There is even a “blue lush” on our list. There may be a few differences between brands and naming conventions but these flavors are closely related. 

Regular blue razz is a vape flavor masterpiece on its own. It is certainly sweet, and channels the hard shell confection flavors and iced slushie treats of summers past. There is also a squeeze of authentic raspberry flavor, which helps elevate the flavor and keep it from becoming too cloying. Most adult vapers will have a preference in place already for either blue razz or blue razz ice. Yet unlike many mint fusion flavors, there is a lot of crossover between the two.

Disposable Vapes

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There are two components that make for a great blue raspberry disposable vape. The first is the vape pen device itself. Disposable vapes have greatly increased in longevity, puff count, reliability and satisfaction over the years. Long gone are the flimsy cigalikes with mediocre tobacco flavors and stick bar disposables with great flavor but suspect puff counts. Instead, vapers have a wide selection of longer lasting disposable vape designs to choose from.

There are attributes which all high-quality disposable vapes have in common. The first is that they are prefilled and arrive precharged. Even those that can be recharged should be fully ready for use the second the packaging is opened. Disposables are also draw activated. Some of the larger designs may have adjustable airflow and even a battery life indicator, but you are not going to find a fire button. You simply open the packaging and puff away.


Rechargeable Disposable Vapes

The addition of a charger port to disposable vapes has allowed manufacturers to use smaller batteries and make devices that hold larger amounts of vape juice. This is a huge deal, as it greatly improves the practicality and user experience of disposable vapes. They can now be relied on to last a weekend and more. Some hold the equivalent of half a bottle of nic salts.

Nic salts is the operative word. Disposable vapes are generally loaded with 50mg nicotine strength salt nic and are mouth-to-lung (MTL) vapes. This means they do not generate a ton of vapor but instead use potent vape juice. This style of vaping requires less wattage. Less wattage means a smaller battery can be used. All of these lends itself to smaller packaging, which is what makes disposable vapes so handy for adult vapers.

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Disposable Vape Flavors 

The second component of a great blue razz disposable is a great blue raspberry nic salt flavor. From the earliest days of Puff Bar and Posh, just about any disposable vape maker worth their salt has offered a blue razz or blue slushie flavor. There are variations in flavor quality, although this is largely subjective. The blue razz of a rival company usually makes a perfectly serviceable alternative to a vapers preferred make and model.


Best Juul Alternative

 Bottled nic salts

The combination of ease of use, great flavor and longer lasting performance makes disposable vapes a perfect alternative to prefilled vape pods purchased at a convenience store. They are much better price performers. A Juul pod holds a mere 0.7ml of nic salts. This is twenty-fold less than some of the longer lasting disposable vapes on the market. The battery life discrepancy is equally huge. Even the larger Vuse Alto only has a 300mAh battery and 1.8ml pod. The savings from switching to a disposable are tremendous. Moreover, a ban on prefilled vape pod flavors limits these Big Tobacco company products to tobacco flavors. In many areas, disposable vapes are available in the full selection of flavors that adult vapers prefer.



Refillable Vape Pod Kits

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While disposable vapes represent a better price performer than prefilled vape pods, the most efficient and affordable method of enjoying nic salts remains the combination of bottled nic salts and refillable vape pod kit. Refillable vape pod kits are easier to use than ever. Most come with a coil for nic salts and a coil/pod for high-VG/lower nicotine vape juices.

There is a bumper crop of compact, draw activated and affordable refillable vape pod kits that are incredibly easy to use. The simple act of squeezing a bottle into a fill port can save a vaper hundreds of dollars a month compared to prefilled pods and also have a significant edge on disposable vapes.


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