Best Vape Coil for Tank and Juice Preference

Best Vape Coil for Tank and Juice Preference

One of the great things about vaping is that it is incredibly personal. There are tons of wonderful vape devices, a huge selection of flavors to choose from, and a multitude of ways in which you can tailor your experience to fit your preference. Vape coils are a component that allows you to really customize your experience. It is also an essential part of your vape rig.

Whether you’ve been vaping for years or you're just getting started, coils can be a bit of a confusing topic. There are coils with different threads, coils made from different materials such as ceramic or steel, and coils that differ greatly in size. 

It is essential that you choose the right kind of coil for your vape tank, otherwise it won't function properly. Making sure that you’re catering to your preference is also an important aspect of finding the best vape coil. We want to help you make the most out of your vaping experience and having a solid understanding about vape coils is a great place to start.

If coils are still a bit of a mystery to you, you’ve come to the right place! In this article we are going to teach you what you need to know to find the best vape coil for your tank and juice preference. We’ll take a look at the advantages provided by different types of coils, how to find one that works with your vape tank, and discuss which coils are the best for your e-juice preference. 

Understanding How Vape Coils Work

Vape coils might be complicated to manufacture, but they're relatively easy to understand. What is a vape coil? It is the part of your vape device that heats up the vape juice until it turns into vapor. Energy from the battery in your device is sent through the coil, the e-juice atomizes, and quickly becomes a flavorful cloud of vapor.

There are a number of different materials used to make coils, but the three most common are stainless steel, ceramic, and kanthal. Each of these has their own advantages and the most commonly used is stainless steel. 

Coils also have ohm ratings which tell you the amount of resistance occurs when an electrical charge is applied to it. Different types of vape rigs and e-juices require coils with specific ohm ratings, so it's important to read the instructions provided with your device to make sure you’re buying compatible coils.

Getting the Most From Your Coil

Knowledge is power and understanding what vape coils can offer is a great way to make the most of them. You can use coils to help you get bigger clouds of vapor, to maximize the amount of time your device will run on one charge, and even use them to enhance the flavor of your favorite vape juice. Let's take a look at some of the ways you can harness the power of vape coils!

How to Vape Big Clouds

If you want to treat yourself to some impressively robust clouds of vapor, stainless steel or kanthal coils are your ticket. These coils are designed to handle extremely high temperatures. This means that your e-liquid will be more rapidly atomized thus producing bigger, fuller puffs. 

Using a low resistance coil with a high voltage setting on your device will also help you achieve massive clouds. The one downside to this is that some people find the flavor to be very slightly reduced. That being said, many professional vapers can’t tell the difference in flavor, and prefer this type of setup for cloud and trick competitions.

How to Enhance Flavor

Mouth and throat feel are both notable parts of the vape experience but when it comes down to it, favor is king. We all have our favorites. Some people like to treat their sweet tooth Cinnamon Funnelcake flavored vape juice like #32 by Beard Papa. Others prefer to indulge in fruity vape juice like Fruit mix by Reds Apple. No matter which flavor profiles you prefer, you want to experience its full flavor.

The best way to enhance the flavor of your e-juice is to utilize a ceramic coil. This type of coil typically has a higher resistance level and when used with a low voltage vape, it atomizes the liquid more slowly. This essentially allows the coil to cook your e-liquid to perfection. Have you ever eaten food cooked “slow and low”? This is a similar concept that leads to some seriously delicious vaping.

Finding the Perfect Coil for Your Favorite E-liquid

We all have our preference when it comes to e-liquid. Some people love high nicotine content and exclusively vape salt nic. Others appreciate a more mild helping of nicotine and utilize e-juices that range from 2mg to 18mg. It doesn’t matter which you prefer, but what does matter is getting the right coil.

If you vape nic salt, you should be using a coil that's between 1.0 and 1.2 ohms. If you use traditional e-juice, you should utilize the following guide for which ohm is suitable for a given PG / VG ratio.

  • 1.5 ohm - 2.5 ohm is best suited for 70-80% PG

  • 0.5 ohm - 1 ohm is best suited for 40-60% PG

  • 0.4 ohm and lower is best suited for 0-50% PG

Choosing The Right Coil for Your Vape Tank

Selecting an appropriate coil for your vape tank is absolutely essential. There's nothing worse than receiving some new coils only to find out that you’ve purchased the wrong size. Each vape tank is different and requires a specific type of coil. 

While you can utilize different coils that are similar in resistance, ohms and voltage are things you should consider when purchasing a vape tank. If you're a cloud chaser interested in the biggest puffs possible, then you want a tank that can house a large coil. The bigger the coil is, the more e-liquid it can absorb. Larger coils also offer lower resistance levels and can be used with particularly high voltage.

If you’re more interested in the most mouthwatering flavors imaginable, you’re better off with a tank that houses a smaller coil. Sub-ohm coils not only enhance the flavor of your e-liquid, but they use less power, which means you can go longer without having to recharge your device. 

As always, it is important to read the instructions provided with your device to see which type of coil will be compatible. 

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