Best Vape Coils of 2022

Best Vape Coils of 2022

Vape coil and vape tank technology are two areas where vaping experience has vastly improved over the last decade. Except for e-liquids, specifically the introduction of nic salts and synthetic nicotine, higher performance vape coils are the biggest game changer in vaping.

Mesh coil technology has comprehensively improved vapor production and coil life. We are now far removed from the days that wire coils and rebuildable tank atomizers were the cutting edge of vaping. Sub ohm tanks have been a staple of vaping for years now but no longer are these designs limited to the classic 510 threaded box mod and larger designs like the UWell Valyrian 2 or GeekVape Z Max Tank. There are now pod tank designs that include an adjustable air flow ring and are available in multiple coil resistances. These compact vape pods kits can match the hardest hitting vape tanks from five years ago in terms of vapor production.

The technological improvements found in vape tanks and vape coils make it a great time to consider updating your vape kit. Do not miss out on the best vape tanks and best vape coils of 2022. Replacement coils are crucial to keeping your vape tank performing at its best.

Vaporesso GT Replacement Coils



Specialized low wattage vape pods and powerful sub-ohm tanks dominate the refillable vape landscape. There are huge differences in the look, feel, functionality and e-liquids used in vape pods and mods. But vape tank and coil technology has advanced significantly in the last 5 years. As a result, we are edging ever closer to a universal vape coil and universal vaping devices.

This trend was first in evidence with the earliest vape pod kits, like the Smok Nord, which offered both sub-ohm coils and high resistance coil options. You could enjoy nic salts or get credible vapor production depending on which was installed. The Vaporesso NRG Tank and GT coils take this a step further. Almost any style of vaping can be enjoyed from a single unit.


Vaporesso GT Coil Features

Sold in 3-packs, Vaporesso GT Coils are available in several innovative designs. Compatible with the Vaporesso NRG Tank, you can now enjoy just about any style of vaping from a box mod. These coil options range from the innovative CCell Ceramic, which is ideal for higher potency e-liquids. With a resistance of 0.5ohms, it works best between 20 and 40watts.

This pits it head to head with refillable vape pod kits and even disposables. On the other end is the GT4 Meshed, with a low resistance of just 0.15ohms and an ideal power range of 50 to 70 watts. This coil allows the NRG Tank to match up with the biggest and best sub ohm tanks on the market today. The GT8 takes vapor production a step further, with a power band of 50 to 100 watts. A final high-performance sub-ohm coil option is the GT Meshed, with a resistance of 0.18ohms. It works best from 50 to 80 watts. There is even a second ceramic CCell Coil.

The Vaporesso NRG Tank Sub-Ohm Tank and Vaporesso GT coils are a huge step towards a universal vaping device for both nic salt and freebase e-liquid users. The wide wattage range means that even vape mods with smaller batteries can make full use of these great coils. Whether you are looking for a dual mesh coil or ceramic technology, the Vaporesso GT Coil has you covered.


Voopoo TPP Coils

If you are a fan of huge vapor production, flavor, and long coil life, the Voopoo TPP family is a must. They represent the best of sub ohm vaping in 2022. These press fit coils represent a significant improvement over the previous family of Voopoo PnP coils at the high end of sub-ohm vaping.

Voopoo TPP coils lack higher resistance coil options for nic salts but otherwise check all the boxes. They have been engineered to reduce leaking and their coil life is unbelievable. Replacement coils for vape tanks that use Voopoo TPP coils are sold in 3-packs.


Voopoo TPP Coil Features

The Voopoo TPP Pod Tank is simply one of the best sub ohm tanks every designed. It is a sleek design with a dual slotted airflow control ring and a capacity of 5.5ml. With a 510 connection, it is compatible with just about any vape mod and is included in the Voopoo Drag 3 and Voopoo Drag X Plus starter kits. The Voopoo TPP Coil family is also compatible with the Voopoo TPP-X Pod Tank. This tank has a clever locking fill port and perhaps more importantly comes with a 510 adapter so it works with a classic box mod but can also be magnetically snapped into one of Voopoo's many formidable pod mod designs. All the TPP coils are efficient and long-lasting.

All these innovations are overshadowed by the performance of the Voopoo TPP's Coil options. Voopoo makes four different TPP mesh coil designs. They are all sub ohm coils. The 0.15ohm TPP-DM1 Coils is rated for 60-80W. This design boasts massive vapor production. If you are looking for an even more potent sub ohm coil, the 0.15ohm TPP-DM3 works best between 80 and 100 watts,

Most vapers are looking for more of a balance between flavor and vapor production. Moreover, e-liquids are consumed at a much faster rate at 100 watts. For a more efficient experience, the 0.20ohm TPP-DM2 sub-ohm coil operates most efficiently between 40 and 60 watts. If you prefer a little less direct to lung vaping firepower, the final option is the Voopoo TPP-DM4 which operates best between 32 and 40 watts. The resistance on the TPP-DM4 sub ohm coil is 0.30ohms. Of these designs, the fire breathing Voopoo TPP-DM1 and balanced Top-DM2 are the best sellers.


Smok RPM 2 Coils

The Smok RPM 2 coil is extremely versatile and is compatible with several excellent Smok vape pod kits. It is a press fit coil that fits in the corresponding RPM Pod for the Smok RPM 2, Smok Nord 4, Smok IPX80, and probably a host of future devices that include a Smok RPM 2 pod. Sold in five packs, you can get plenty of vaping out of each Smok RPM 2 replacement coil pack. There are 0.15 and 0.6ohm replacement coil options.


Smok RPM 2 Coil Features

The beauty of the Smok RPM 2 Coils is that they allow compact but powerful vape pod kits function like either a sub-ohm vape tank or a tighter drawing device ideal for higher-strength e-liquids. There is a Smok RPM 2 Mesh coil with a resistance of 0.15ohms and it is designed to operate between 25 and 50 watts. With plenty of vapor production and flavor, the Smok RPM 2 Mesh Coil is a very efficient way to enjoy high-VG e-liquids.

The second coil option, the 0.6ohm Smok RPM 2 MTL Coil requires a frugal 12 to 25 watts. This is perfect for lower potency nic salts and high-VG freebase juices. This smaller coil has a nice and tight draw that is perfect for mouth to lung vaping. You will get more life out of your device’s battery and the e-liquid reservoir at this lower wattage. But if anything, the flavor is even better than its the lower resistance sub ohm coil option.

Between these two coils, the Smok RPM 2 coil family meets the needs of most adult vapers. If you like heavy duty vapor, the Smok RPM 2 Mesh Coil can go to toe-to-toe with larger sub ohm tank designs and box mods. The 0.6ohm Smok RPM Coil has performance akin to a Smok Novo.


Geek Vape Mesh Coils

The GeekVape L200 Aegis Legend is a high performance vape mod. It offers unmatched durability and IP68 protection against falls, shocks, water, drops, and even submersion. It is a box mod that you can bring anywhere and use all day. But even with long lasting coil designs, you are going to have to replace them sometimes. Moreover, even the slickest tank is no better than the coil installed.

Luckily, the Geek Vape Mesh Coils are up to the challenge.

Geek Vape Mesh Coils Features

The Zeus is one of the best sub ohm tanks. With adjustable airflow and long lasting Geek Vape Mesh Coils, it is a perfect companion to the Aegis Legend 2. The press fit coils have been engineered to greatly reduce leaking and the actual vape mod is a resilient design with splash, dust, drop and water emersion protections. The Geek Vape Mesh Z1 is a Kanthal design. The mesh coil structure allows for increased ramp up speeds and greater flavor production. It accomplishes this more efficiently than a traditional wire wound coil.

Perhaps the best of the Geek Vape Z Series coils in the 0.4ohm resistance model. This mesh coil delivers the goods and is long lasting. Sold in 5-packs, keep your Zeus tank running with optimal efficiency and performance with Geek Vape Mesh Coils.


Vaporesso XROS Pod

The previous entrants are pure sub-ohm coils. They press fit into the best vape tanks and can be affixed to vape mod with a 510 adapter. But vape pods and nic salts are hugely popular and have largely replaced the sub ohm tank for many vapers. The earliest vape pod kits were crude. They were often unregulated, lacked adjustable airflow holes and there were no dual mesh coils to be found anywhere. The technology has advanced greatly. A refillable vape pod allows adult vapers to enjoy nic salt flavors banned in prefilled pods but with the convenience of a disposable vape. They even have the wattage to provide sub ohm vaping in some cases.

The Vaporesso XROS family of vape pods kit are a great example of why this style of vaping is so popular. For one, they are extremely easy to use. You do not need to swap coils. Simply snap the pod into place and when the coil is worn out replace the whole pod. The Vaporesso XROS Mini has a 1000mAh battery and the Vaporesso XROS an 800mAh battery. In both cases, this will generate plenty of puffs from a device with a power range of 11 to 16watts. The pod capacity is the standard 2ml. Best of all, there is an XROS sub-ohm coil with a resistance of 0.8ohms and the classic 1.2ohm MTL pod.


Vaporesso XROS Pod Features

The original Vaporesso XROS had dual firing modes. This made the transition between the 0.8 and 1.2ohm pods seamless. If you were looking for an autodraw disposable vape alternative, it provides  a comprehensively superior experience. Vaporesso XROS Pods are sold in two packs. They are long lasting, with outstanding performance and longevity that allows adult vapers to save a ton of money compared to a disposable vape.

The clamshell top filling system makes it easy to top off your vape pod with no leaking. The well-formed drip tip lends itself to all styles of vaping. The use of transparent plastic allows you to track your e-liquid levels throughout the vaping process. The disposable XROS pod is unlikely to appear on a list of the best vape tanks, but it delivers amazing performance. You may not be able to fit quadruple mesh coils in a pod that size but making sure you have the freshest replacement coils possible is the best way to guarantee optimal flavor and satisfaction. 


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