Best Vape Supplies for Cloud Chasing

Best Vape Supplies for Cloud Chasing

-Authored by Nathan Riddle 

It's sad to say, but I had used traditional nicotine solutions for 20 plus years. It came to a point where I couldn't smell and taste things as I remembered. Waking up to finding it hard to catch my breath became wheezy and hard. Not to add a stuffy nose. A couple of friends introduced me to the vape world. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about it, at first. The talk of the money I would save made me wary. The first thought is "why wouldn't they say that to get me to switch?" But I figured why not? I was spending at least $50 a week as it was, which adds up. They mentioned getting started has a ticket to it, but getting your money back isn't far behind.

The first mod I bought for myself was the Joytech eGo AIO. It's great for starters, but I was on a search for something that filled my lungs and gave me that throat hit. So I switched to the Wismec RXgen3. I wanted to make sure I had the charge to get me through my day, and with the 3 batteries, it holds it gets me by with a charge for 2 days, and I'm a frequent hitter. The Gnome tank provided with it has a great flavor and awesome cloud production, but it didn't hold enough eLiquid for my intake. So I upgraded to the Smoke Cloud Beast. I fell in love with the T8 coil. If you're into chasing clouds with an exuberant flavor, look no more. I'm still down for trying new tanks but for now, I am satisfied. As for the money part, what used to cost me $200 a month is now under a hundred. Thanks to, I can save even more, now. 

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