Butterscotch Reserve by Glas Basix Series: Why We Dig It

Butterscotch Reserve by Glas Basix Series: Why We Dig It

-Authored by Kristin Meehan

Knowing where to start when it comes to vaping can be overwhelming, especially with all of the different flavors out there. Many people have no idea where to start. On top of that, a food you may not necessarily like eating may be an appealing vape flavor, and vice versa. I can’t speak for everyone, but when it comes to stubborn vapers who are just getting started and looking for something to keep them on it, I’ve found one that works. I've been vaping for three years and know good quality products and prices pretty well and ejuices.com has Glas Basix Series Butterscotch Reserve at the most competitive price I've ever seen! 

I'm super excited about this because I'm trying to get my mom to make a switch to an alternative nicotine solution and this is the ONLY flavor that will get her through the first month because she seems to love vaping when she uses that flavor ONLY! So, I'm going to be needing to have a place I'm able to go to buy quality vape juice at reasonable prices. And thanks to eLiquid.com, I am able to do that now! I would recommend this site to everybody who is looking for a wide variety of quality vape juice, hardware and more. I want everyone to be able to enjoy vaping their favorite flavors as well, so I will definitely be spreading the word on their Glas Basix Series Butterscotch Reserve!

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