Coastal Clouds E-Liquid: Why We Love It

Coastal Clouds E-Liquid: Why We Love It

-Authored by Tyler Bush

In my time of vaping, I find that the most refreshing flavor profiles are fruit flavors. After trying a number of different fruit flavors on the market, I finally found my all day vape. My all day is vape is Strawberry Jam Monster. This flavor is incredibly robust with its buttery toast and spread strawberry jam. Ironically I do not like toast to eat but in this vape, it makes it a pleasant vaping experience. My second go-to brand is Coastal Clouds from California. My favorite flavor by Coastal Clouds is Strawberry Daiquiri.

This vape is a tropical vape that indulges all my taste buds when I vape it. The flavor profile on Strawberry Daiquiri is sugared strawberries mixed with pineapple and you can taste every bit of all of it. I would have to say second favorite flavor by Coastal Clouds is Blueberry Limeade. The blueberry limeade is just the perfect amount of blueberries, mixed with just the right amount of lime, resembling one of my favorite, most refreshing summer drinks. With this vape, I feel refreshed after vaping no matter how hot the day is.

I would say my third favorite flavor from Coastal Clouds is Mango Berries. In the mango berries flavor, I have found this flavor to be an easy flavor to love. This flavor profile consists of tropical mangoes, which mangoes are my favorite fruit, mixed also in there are  Kiwis, and that is all mixed into a cold refreshing popsicle blend. When vaping this flavor I am on a pink cloud of vaping pleasure. After trying the Coastal Clouds line it is hard to do other flavors in the hotter months. I have found these flavors to be the most refreshing, energizing, and tasteful flavors for my pallet. Whether rain or sun, I could vape them all day long.

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