Coronavirus and Vaping: What You Should Know

Coronavirus and Vaping: What You Should Know

COVID-19, or the coronavirus, has popped up all over the world and has been the focus of international attention. Chinese manufacturers have all but ceased production of vape products. Countries such as South Korea, Italy, Iran, and the United States have reported numerous cases of the coronavirus. Italy went into complete lockdown on March 9, 2020, and it has also affected travel, various conferences, and more. What can you do as a vaper to combat the coronavirus?

Scrutinize the hype

The coronavirus has been dominating news headlines for quite some time. The media has also advised vapers to quit vaping during the coronavirus outbreak as well. The vaping industry has been under fire because of shortages of vaping hardware from China, and the misinformation campaign is also well underway in the United States as well. Due to the panic, people in the United States and elsewhere in the world are stockpiling toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and N95 masks. This is similar to the misinformation spreading about vaping as well.

If you are paying close attention to the coronavirus outbreak, you might also want to examine and question the hype around the disease and how it may affect your vaping experience. It may be simple to draw negative conclusions because of the common link between coronavirus and vaping in that it affects the respiratory system. Public health officials, as well as politicians such as New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, are encouraging people to quit vaping. However, there is insufficient evidence regarding vaping and its effects on coronavirus disease progression or infection rates.

Do not share vapes

This goes without saying—you don’t share food, drinks, or cups with others in public areas, and the same goes for vapes. Coronavirus is transmitted via cough droplets and unsanitary conditions. If you use someone else’s vape, the risk for contracting coronavirus increases especially if they don’t clean their device or if they have been exposed to the coronavirus.

Be more secretive about your vaping

While you may want to let the world know that you vape, there is already scrutiny on vape and the scrutiny on the coronavirus may lead misinformed people who make links between coronavirus and vaping could feed into the spotlight that is already placed on vaping. You might want to vape in the privacy of your own home or indoors (if possible) or outdoors away from others. Some states and localities completely ban indoor vaping; make sure you know your local and state laws regarding whether or not you can vape indoors.

Clean your vape stuff

Clean your devices and clean them as often as you possibly can. Over time, tanks get dirty and so does the point of contact between your mouth and your vape device. Clean those parts especially well (and don’t forget the rest of the parts on your vape device as well). You can use propylene glycol or distilled water on a Q-tip to clean the inside of your tank.

If you are going for a thorough cleaning, you can take apart your device and clean each piece separately in warm water. Let the pieces dry afterward. Just to be safe, you should also clean your eLiquid bottles on a regular basis.

Wash your hands thoroughly

Another thing that should be done regardless of the coronavirus—hand-washing is important, especially if you use a variety of eLiquids or share them with roommates or significant others. Use hand sanitizer and soap to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

Have you experienced changes in your own vaping behavior due to the coronavirus? Let us know in the comments below!

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Vaping has been the most successful way 5yrs now to quit stinky cigarettes change to new coils clean tips & parts its and adult responsibility like hemp, liquor, vaping. Now you can’t find product & Adults need places like to insure safety products

Paula Coleman

I am a nurse and I vape and it has nothing to do with this virus so people just need to relax! They just want to blame vaping again for something they haven`t a clue about!


I am a nurse and I vape and it has nothing to do with this virus so people just need to relax! They just want to blame vaping again for something they haven`t a clue about!


Not in my age group with my disability. I like these posts to keep us informed. I am self quarantined for my safety. That I hope is enough.


I hope I can’t Catch the Disease by Vaping My Product’s that I bought from China?

brett stubblefield

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