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Finding your Unicorn

We know what you’re thinking, “Are they talking about Cuttwood Vapors - Unicorn Milk?” The answer is yes and no. This article is about “finding your unicorn” and by that we mean finally finding that one All Day Vape (ADV) that some of you are still desperate to discover. One of the most popular flavors in the industry, Unicorn Milk, is a great example as it’s found its way onto many ADV lists since it’s first introduction into the industry back in January of 2014. So how do we find that elusive horned beast from legend? Well, we have some information below to guide you to discover first ADV.

Flavor Profiles - The first thing you want to do is establish which flavor profile you can handle over a long period of time. As we always suggest, do your own research before making a decision on a particular product. The easiest way to shorten this process is to look to the most popular flavors in a particular category. This is as easy as typing in a flavor profile into the search bar and sorting the products by best selling. A recent survey of our customer base has found that fruit flavors tend to be the highest rated category, so that would be a solid place to begin. We recommend Time Bomb Vapors - TNT as a great place to start as our highest rated true fruit flavored e-liquid. Then we recommend moving on to a strong contrast flavor like a dessert flavor. A flavor like #32 by Beard Vape Co is a terrific choice for this as a true bakery dessert with a delightful cinnamon funnel cake flavoring. Once you’ve established which of these you enjoy more, we can start diving into a more targeted approach.

Desserts and bakery - If you find you enjoy the taste of desserts then we can safely say you can skip down to the nicotine section. The next two points will be talking about throat hits and menthols which aren’t typically found in dessert flavors. As for finally finding that target dessert flavor, you may want to consider trying some of the cereal flavors or milk flavors as well. These can come in a variety of mixes, and are certainly delightfully sweet, but there are some distinct differences between a bakery dessert and a cereal bar dessert. We would recommend Phillip Rocke - Max 100 if you want to try a great milk and cereal blend at a great price. Don’t give up if you don’t find these suggestions to your liking, there are thousands of dessert flavors on the market already, just check out the reviews other customers are leaving for your benefit!

Throat hit - This certainly bears mentioning on this blog. The throat hit can make or break a vape depending on your own taste. When we say throat hit, we mean the harshness of the eliquid when you inhale it. If you aren’t used to a strong throat hit, often you will be left coughing instead of enjoying the flavor. If you’re transitioning off of traditional nicotine products, we recommend trying out something that has a pretty good throat hit as you may be more likely to enjoy the feeling of inhaling a vape that feels more substantial. Give Reds - Apple eJuice a try as it has one of the most satisfying apple flavors to date, and a strong throat hit to accompany it.

Menthol - Do not overlook this section simply because you don’t think you’ll enjoy the taste of anything minty. Menthol does a lot more than add a simple mint flavoring to your liquid. There are many juices out there that only have a hint of menthol, so instead of adding a detectable mint flavor to your juice, the menthol can add a slightly cooling experience to bolster the flavors already present. Take IVG - Summer Blaze for example. Nobody would ever describe this flavor as minty, but it undoubtedly has a very cool undertone which is a welcome complement to the already delicious berry infused lemonade. If you think you will enjoy the minty side of menthol, check out whatever your current favorite flavor is and you may be lucky enough to find an “ice” or “chilled” version that is the same juice with menthol added in. Adding on to our example above, Time Bomb Vapors - TNT ICE is a great example of a good juice made even better with a bit of menthol added in.

Nicotine level - Now this may be obvious to some, but we believe it’s worth mentioning. If you can’t find a juice that you enjoy at your level of nicotine, consider lowering your nicotine level. Nicotine has a distinct effect on flavor, and if you are currently vaping an 18mg or a 12mg, you are likely not going to have the same flavor experience as someone vaping a 3mg. If you can handle the drop in nicotine, you may find some hidden gems in some old flavors you didn’t quite enjoy enough to make your ADV.

Device - This may surprise you, but not all atomizers are created equal. You may find that a low wattage device doesn’t deliver enough of the flavor from the juice you’re trying, or that a high wattage dual battery device is giving you too much flavor. It’s important to find a mod that can facilitate any changes you want to try, so we would suggest something with dual batteries at least that can be lowered down depending on the type of juice you’re trying to enjoy. Remember to give different wattage levels a try, as your favorite vape may be just a setting on your mod away from becoming your next ADV. If you’re looking for a recommendation, I have been vaping on the same device for almost a year and a half with great results. The Tesla Nano 120W Steampunk edition is a great device with some real weight to it that makes me feel like I’m holding something substantial. The device is easy to use and the controls are quick to pick up. I also use a Baby Beast tank with the Smok TFV8 Baby T8 Octuple Coils .15 ohm. At 50w I’ve found this delivers an excellent vape experience with a warm drag that truly expresses the flavors in my ADV.

Nic Salts - The final section is going to address nicotine salt products. These products generally range in the high nic levels, but there is an undeniable difference between regular nicotine and nicotine salts in flavor and vape experience. Salts tend to have a fuller and smoother inhale. Many people that transitioned from traditional analog nicotine products say that Salts are much more reminiscent of the old feeling they are used to when they take a drag. If you are ranging in the higher nicotine levels, or are lucky enough to find salts at a lower level, give them a try. You may find the new experience to your liking and can narrow down your search for your ultimate ADV unicorn to these products. Lucky for everyone, many of the popular brands have started producing replicas from their best selling products in a nicotine salt variant.

Conclusion - Take the above list and start your adventure to find that elusive ADV! You’ll never know what sort of flavors you truly enjoy until you give enough of them a try, so don’t be shy about experimenting at first with flavors you hadn’t considered. We hope this guide will start you off on the right path to finally being able to say you found your unicorn.

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