Geek Bar Pulse Plus

One of the most popular disposable brands Geek Bar will soon be releasing the next version of their pulse model, this new version will be called the Pulse Plus. Their original Geek Bar Pulse model  set a new standard for disposables as far as what's offered in flavors and technology.

Geek Bar has made their name with the pulse device while prior releases before were left users wanting more. Geek Bar did eventually deliver with their pulse device exceeding the demand of previous popular brands like Elf Bar. This only leaves the questions on what can the new Pulse Plus device offer?

Possible add ons:

There can be many possibilities when it comes to adding a device. More than likely they will be raising the puff count of the device to a 20k to 25k puff device. However as far as flavors and overall design of the device may stay the same or change. The overall design of the current pulse device is currently clean and very user friendly, however there are a lot of changes and possibilities that they are able to make. Example they can add an external battery attachment or they can add 3 different types of modes instead of two. They are also able to change the overall look at the device but with the current design already a crowd favorite I do not think they should. As for flavors they may introduce a lot more new flavors with some of their more popular flavors from the current model. Hopefully the new pulse plus will live up to the branding and quality that the original pulse device has made. We will be keeping you updated once the final release is out with a more in depth look at the Geek Bar Pulse Plus until then you are still able to enjoy the current Geek Bar Pulse. If you have not tried it yet, we will leave a link below to the product:

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