iJoy SD22000 Rechargeable Disposable

iJoy SD22000 Rechargeable Disposable

Ijoy is a well known brand and a brand that has a great reputation in the vaping industry. From vaping hardware to now disposables. Ijoy may be more well known for introducing the 20700 battery into the vaping market. They were the first brand to make a device and release a 20700 battery. They have since turned their focus to disposables and have released a new 22k puff disposable, the iJoy SD22000 Rechargeable vape.


The overall design is very clean with a two tone design. This series will have a screen towards the bottom of the device showing a inhale meter, juice level and battery indicator. The SD22k will also have a two tank system that will hold a total of 15ml of juice. Having a tank system already separates the disposables from some of the more popular disposables due to the fact that most popular disposables will have a cotton system instead of a tank system. A cotton system is basically saturated cotton with 12ml of juice. Using a cotton system can also take away from the flavor and also have issues with burnt hits so the tank style system is the way to go. Having two separated tanks on the disposable they also put a separate mesh coil for each side of the tank. The overall design should provide an elevated vaping experience.


The SD22k will offer 15 flavors. Some of the flavors will be staple flavors for any disposable brand to have like Blue raspberry ice, Strawberry ice cream and strawberry watermelon. However there are some very unique flavors that are offered such as Black ice, Blackberry cherry lemon and Colombian coffee. The overall flavors that are offered on this series is definitely worth giving a chance.

Overall Performance:

The overall performance of this device is great with the dual mesh coils and the dual tank design you are assured a great delivery in flavor and vape production. Having a 15ml tank with 15 different flavors offered it is definitely hard to put this disposable down to use a different one. Also with the USB-C charging port you are insured for a quick charge to get back to enjoying the disposable. To give this disposable a try please see the link below:


ijoy SD22000

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