Innovative Vape Juice Combos Using Liquid+

Innovative Vape Juice Combos Using Liquid+

Vape Juice Flavors

Mixing and matching your own vape juices can create new flavors perfectly suited for your palate. There is a reason why so many vape juices exist. Most adult vapers prefer sweet e-juices, but flavor preferences are subjective.

The best blue razz vape juice for one vaper might be too sweet for another. Combining complementary vape juices is the perfect way to create your own favorite vape juice recipe. No mixologist is better qualified than you are when it comes to your personal preferences.  

Vape Juice Mixology

Trying new innovative vape juice flavor combinations is an obvious reason to mix e-liquids. In this case, you would combine two vape juices of the same style.

There is also a second reason to mix vape juices: lowering your nicotine intake. Nicotine salt vape juices generally range between 25 and 50mg strength. We do not recommend mixing these into a high-VG juice to increase nicotine. But with improved coil technology, it is possible to mix nicotine free e-liquid into a nic salt to dilute the strength.

The key to remember is that salt nic juices have a VG/PG ratio of 50/50 generally. The nicotine free high-VG juice is going to more like 70/30. A combination of these two is not beyond the capabilities of a low resistance coil on vape pod. We urge you not to vape salt nic juices in a high wattage vape mod, even if diluted with 0 nicotine e-liquid.

Combining Vape Juices

Combining flavors of the same style of e-liquid is obviously easier and involves fewer considerations. It is just a matter of matching up flavors.

Matching up devices is just as important. There was a time when any nic salt less than 25mg was not going to satisfy many adult vapers.  Today any vape pod worth its salt is going to offer a low resistance coil option.

While not as powerful as a vape mod for high-VG juices, vape mods are quite capable of handling any juice and providing satisfying performance. The power of vape pods can vary wildly. 50 watts and a low-resistance coil in a Smok RPM 4 is going to be equivalent to 50 watts and a low-resistance coil in a Smok Mod.

Nicotine Strengths

Keep in mind that even 12mg might be a bit stiff in a sub-ohm tank and high wattage mod. But it is a quite useful strength for a vape pod of 20 or 30 watts.

Innovative E-Liquid Recipes

If you are new to mixing your own flavors or haven’t done this in a while do not worry. You can always mix the vape juices in the pod itself and play with the ratios a bit to find a perfect fit on each fill. You do not need a beaker or an empty bottle.

My personal favorite innovative vape juice recipe is to combine two parts 25mg nic salt and one part nicotine free high-VG juice. This does not make the formula too thick for a low-wattage device to handle and does cut the nicotine strength by a third. This is a nice feature if you are stuck at 25mg and the jump down to 6mg seems a bit daunting.

We do not recommend mixing freebase and nicotine salt e-liquids as these have not been evaluated. Freebase has a sturdier throat hit. There are vapers who do this. In a low wattage vape pod it isn’t going to be overwhelmingly strong. But it is best to use nic salts with a nic salt coil and freebase with a the direct-to-lung coil.

A much more common mixture is to take two freebase vape juices and mix them to split the nicotine strength difference. When vaping mods, I always mix 3mg with 0mg. The resultant 1.5mg keeps me from going after the vape pod.

Then there are innovative recipes that have nothing to do with splitting the differences between nicotine strengths. Adding unique flavors together to form beautiful or even aggressive vape juice flavors. Here we paired up some winning vape juice combinations from the Liquid+ collection. 

Spearmint I Love Salts and Magic Man One Hit Wonder TFN Salts

The combination of Spearmint Gum by I Love Salts and Magic Man by One Hit Wonder is a perfect alternative to a lush ice flavored disposable vape. A lush ice flavor is missing from the I Love Salts lineup and Magic Man Ice isn’t an option. Plus, you can’t really beat either flavor. They are the best in their class. The VG/PG ratio of Magic Man is higher than most nic salt juices at 60/40. Expect a bit more vapor. 

Interestingly, One Hit Wonder uses a low potency nicotine salt, TruNic, in their high-VG e-liquids. The advantage of salt nicotine is that it has a lower pH than freebase nicotine, making it less harsh at higher concentrations. This usually isn’t an issue for high-VG juices. One Hit Wonder uses an 80 percent VG blend versus the typical 70 percent found in most other cloud generating flavors. Studies have also shown that salt nicotine crosses the blood brain barrier more readily.

French Toast Holy Cannoli and Blue Citrus Phrut

Some flavor combinations just work. Imagine French toast with blueberry, raspberry, and pinch of tart lemon. Sounds pretty good. You can make it happen by combining Blue Citrus by Phrut e-liquids with French Toast Holy Cannoli. Blue raspberry and the sinfully delicious flavor of French Toast Holy Cannoli are the stars. The maple syrup flavor is authentic and not overwhelming. The cinnamon adds nice warmth. There are even toasty buttery notes that are perfect in a thick vapor cloud. The tartness of raspberry and citrus keep this flavor from becoming a sugar bomb.

French Toast Holy Cannoli is one of the most celebrated, best-selling, and highly regarded vape juices ever. If you are a salt nic vaper, you probably have not had a chance to enjoy the well-rounded depth of flavor French Toast provides. The addition of blue raspberry flavors may be just the entry point you need to embrace the world of thick vapor clouds and delicious flavors.

Milky Shake by Fixx-E Liquid and Classic Menthol I Love Salts

If you want to add a nicotine free high-VG juice to a nic salt, consider this unique combination: 2 or 3 parts Classic Menthol from I Love Salts 25mg and 1 part Milky Shake by Fixx-E Liquid.  If you currently use 50mg nic salts, there is no reason to bother mixing 0mg strength high-VG juices with a nic salt juice. There are tons of 25mg nic salt options.

If you are using a 25mg strength salt nic, just make sure you are using the 0 nicotine version. If you are using a very low-wattage pod kit or high resistance coil don’t overdo it with the high-VG juice.

But the addition of a creamy strawberry shake flavor will pop through the cool menthol notes. Classic Menthol is a very straight forward and popular nic salt and perfect for “ice” duty. This means converting a menthol free flavor into an icy delight.

Three parts Tropic Mango I Love Salts and a squeeze of Milky Shake 0mg is another great option. It converts your favorite tropical fruit nic salt into a smoothy.  

Ever Berry by Blossom E-Liquid and POM by Nude Juice

The recipes above provide a basic framework for reworking and diluting potent nic salts with high-VG juices. Another innovative way to enjoy e-liquids is to take a pair of vape juices of the same style and blend them for an enhanced flavor. You still have the option to manipulate the nicotine level. Blending a nicotine free vape juice high-VG vape juice with a 3mg vape juice creates a lower nicotine formula that is perfect mod fuel. You can even combine two of the same flavors. If you aren’t quite ready for a totally nicotine free vaping experience, try three parts nicotine free and one part 3mg vape juice combinations.

A great starting point for experiments with high-VG juices is POM by Nude Juice. A bold tropical e-liquid, the citrus flavor of orange meshes perfectly with pomegranate and mango. With a tropical flavored foundation established, the blast of mixed berries, lemon and a hint orange found in Ever Berry by Blossom E-Liquid is a perfect companion. 

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