Lost Mary MO20000 PRO

Lost Mary MO20000 PRO

Lost Mary has become a staple brand in the vaping world with one of their earlier models the MO5000 being one of the top selling models for a considerable amount of time. Since their first release they have released other models but have never been the number one selling brand on the market. This may change with their new M020000 pro series.

Lost Mary started out with the OS5000. The OS5000 had a similar look to an Elf bar BC5000, however with their release of the MO5000 they decided to make the overall design slimmer and more compact creating a more comfortable feel for the user with a more unique look that will set them apart from other brands. Since then they have stuck with mold and even moved the mold to their now newly released model the MO20000 Pro.

Overall Design:

The MO20000 Pro will look similar to the MO5000 with some minor adjustments to the overall design. This new design will include a screen that will show battery and juice level. While vaping there will also be an animation shown. The most interesting feature in my opinion is now there will be an adjustable wattage that can be controlled with the button located under the screen allowing for a more customizable experience for the user and will allow the user to vape to their preference rather than a preset wattage.



Lost Mary has always had a wide range of flavors in every release and will have a great variety on this new release. Offering 15 flavors the MO20000 Pro will have many flavors to choose from with some unique flavors as well. The more unique flavors offered in this line will be Rainbow Sherbet, Blue Baja Blast, Lime Grapefruit, Dragon Drink and Rocket Popsicle. Let us know what flavors you enjoy the most.


Hopefully with this new model Lost Mary can stay as one of the top selling disposables on the market. I believe the only reason this could fall off would be because of quality control. Many consumers experienced some defective devices the more this brand grew in popularity, having a shorter battery life, leakage or even dead on arrival. The new design should bring a better quality and overall better vaping experience.

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