My Order

My Order

-Authored by Kristin Meehan

I ordered from and man, the amount of variety with their products is out of this world! It's hard to choose from all the amazing flavors, brands and flavor profiles. Not to mention, they have hardware, coils, vape supplies, etc. It's definitely my only online shop from now on, and I would recommend it to my family or my friends. I don't send my family to just anyone.

I want them to get the best products at the most reasonable prices and that is what you find at! So, if you're ready to save money, if you're ready to discover all these amazing juices from all over the world, and you’re ready to be adventurous in trying new products (as there is an endless supply of them on this site), then you better check out, because it has everything you need. I was amazed at the number of flavors they had... it was so hard to choose.

Aside from the seemingly never-ending list of flavors, they also have amazing customer service, with people who will sit and explain whatever you need, or assist you with any problem you have. On top of that, their shipping is so speedy, and I usually receive my package within a day or two. Plus who doesn’t love having your stuff delivered directly to your house? It’s much easier than having to drive to the local vape shop, only to settle for a small number of options, when you could have it all. I highly recommend this site!

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