Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine levels in these pouches range from 3mg to 12mg. Explore diverse flavor options beyond traditional spearmint or wintergreen. Nicotine intake methods include smoking, vaping, gum, and dip. A rising trend is the use of nicotine pouches. 


There is no tobacco in these pouches; they mainly contain nicotine and flavoring. Nicotine pouches are small and placed between your lip and gums, allowing the nicotine to gradually enter your system, providing an alternative nicotine delivery method.

What's Available:

Brands like Juice Head and Rodman have introduced their own variations of nicotine pouches. Rodman focuses on traditional flavors with a mix of unique options. This diverse flavor selection caters to consumers seeking either a classic choice or a more innovative experience. Clearly, Rodman is committed to delivering quality products that align with the standard of their disposables. Juice Head has launched a new line featuring distinctive flavors, introducing 5 in total.  As nicotine pouches have increased in popularity over time, we are familiar with the top brands and emerging ones. Currently, Zyn and Velo are leading brands, especially among college students. The trend is now extending to established vape brands entering the nicotine pouch market.


Some individuals still lean towards the vaping experience over pouches, yet the increasing popularity of pouches may lead to a significant shift. I have tested various brands of nicotine pouches and found that using pouches is more convenient for locations that prohibit vaping. Many options exist for nicotine delivery, but are nicotine pouches the next big trend? Check out the link below to try them out.



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