Quick Guide to Vaping Etiquette

Quick Guide to Vaping Etiquette

-Authored by Randi Sprintis


Quick Guide to Vaping Etiquette:

Regardless if you’re new to vaping or if you’ve been doing it for years, everyone is expected to follow a set of unspoken social norms or rules when vaping in public. When we step out of these norms, we run the risk of not only giving other vapers a bad name, but we force people to consider writing legislation prohibiting an act we enjoy. In order to assure the general public that vapers are not inconsiderate bozos, we need to work together to prove to society that we have a place in this world, and this place will most certainly not harm or annoy you. If you happen to be unsure of what these unspoken rules and norms are, here’s a quick guide to vaping etiquette.

Always Ask for Permission

If you ask a group of vapers if it’s okay to vape indoors, chances are you’ll get two different answers split right down the middle. Some vapers are loaded with pertinent information and are well aware of the fact that secondhand vape is not harmful. However, other people in the room may not know that. So when you just assume others know what you know, and a cloud of vape comes booming out of your nostrils, don’t be surprised if you get more than one dirty look. No matter where you are, it’s much easier to just ask if it’s okay to vape before you make assumptions.

Don’t Draw Attention to Yourself

If you’ve ever been to a vape convention, you know that there’s a ton of amazing devices, products, and talented vapers out there that can do some crazy, cool shit with a cloud of vape. And the perfect place for that crazy, cool shit is a vape convention, not the bus stop or a subway platform. Know your surroundings and understand that we’re still trying to politely invite people into the vaping community without scaring them away by giant clouds of what they might assume is actually smoke.

Don’t Vape Close to Small Children

It’s vapers who break this specific rule who make the lives of other vapers miserable. Do not, under any circumstances, blow a giant cloud of vape where there’s a small child. Now, we all know that the guy smoking a cigarette at the other table poses a much bigger threat to this child, but again — due to being drastically misinformed - the general public thinks these two acts are the same. The best we can do at this point in time is to be polite and tactful. Go to the other end of the restaurant, shopping mall, or movie theater and be discreet when you vape in family settings.

Don’t Vape in Confined Spaces

The average elevator ride is about 90 seconds. You can wait to hit your pen until you get off on your floor. Come on.

Don’t Lecture Smokers

It’s always better when vapers are well-informed, know all their facts, and are updated on all the latest legislation and health studies. However, when you start lecturing smokers about all of the advantages of vaping over smoking, you might lose credibility if you’re too stern or aggressive. There are ways to respectfully drop some good information about what you love about vaping in a casual conversation, but don’t let it turn into a full-blown bitch fest. Have the names of valid informative websites or decent e-cig distributor’s names handy so they can do their own research.

Don’t Judge Other Vapers

Last but most certainly not least, don’t judge other vapers’ devices, products, e-juice, or style of vaping. Everyone vapes in their own way, and we shouldn’t judge them for not having the latest, most expensive product on the market. If you want to promote a particular item, try to do it without sounding judgmental and don’t do it while knocking their go-to product. Share the names of your favorite vape juices with your new vape friend and ask for suggestions in return.

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