RDA: Dipping Your Toe

RDA: Dipping Your Toe

-Authored by Alfredo Trevizo

One of the best things about vaping is how many options there are for everything. If you don't like sweet flavors, there's tobacco. If you don't like box mods, there are stick mods. And if you don't like tanks, there are rebuildable ones. With so many options and so much variety, it's almost impossible to get bored. 

The best advice that I can offer to anyone who is new to vaping is to not be afraid to try new things. Just be sure to do your research and make informed decisions. After a little trial and error, you'll inevitably begin to narrow down your own preferences.

With that being said, after a bit of exploration on my own part, I came to really enjoy RDAs - Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers. For those of us who enjoy a "do it yourself" type of experience, this is the way to go. All I needed were a few tools with some wire and cotton, and I could tinker away as much as I liked, and I have yet to be disappointed. With an RDA, I have the ability to create my very own vaping experience, which makes it so much more immersive. 

Along with the experience of building your own coils, there's also the added benefit of enhanced flavor. There are a lot of great tanks out there that offer an amazing flavor experience, but the flavor from an RDA is definitely something to be had. In my opinion, from an RDA, flavors seem to be more enhanced overall and much clearer. To get the best flavor and cleanest pull, make sure you're using all natural cotton - Cotton Bacon is a solid brand to go with. With only a few drips on the coils, you'll be chuckin' clouds in no time. 

When using an RDA, you should always be mindful to keep the coils wet to avoid having a "dry hit". It's almost impossible to avoid not having one at least once, and it's kind of like a rite of passage. So if/when it does happen to you, don't feel too bad, just know that you're now a part of the club.

Also, If you enjoy the experience of an RDA, but carrying around a bottle of eJuice isn't always possible for you, a great alternative would be a Squonk Mod. These devices are somewhat of a hybrid between a tank and an RDA. To be clear, there is no actual "tank", but instead, a refillable bottle inside of the mod itself that you squeeze to wet your coils. These are very portable and convenient devices to have on hand. 

In general, it's true that an RDA requires a bit more of a time commitment to build the coils and replace the cotton. This is why many prefer the convenience of tanks ... the possibility of a dry hit is also much slimmer. However, if you're willing to put in that extra bit of time to build it yourself and keep those coils nice and wet, you'll have a flavor experience that you won't regret.

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