The team is composed of vapers just like yourself. We seek to try all sorts of eLiquids so that we can make recommendations to our customers. If you’ve ever run into an issue with your order or if you have questions about your order or our products in general, you may have talked to Rocky A. in the Customer Service department. She is responsible for making sure you have a great customer experience on But just like our customers, Rocky is a vaper herself. Here are some of the eLiquids she recommends.


Shijin Tortoise Blood

Tortoise Blood by Shijin Vapor

Nothing screams fruit flavors like Tortoise Blood by Shijin Vapor. This eLiquid is composed of green apple and blue raspberry sherbet. That means no trips to the grocery store to taste this delicious flavor! “This flavor really packs a punch,” Rocky says. “I usually vape the whole bottle really quickly because I can never put it down!” 



Apach’i by Halcyon Vapors

The folks at Halcyon Vapors created eLiquids inspired by the Far East. Apach’i by Halcyon Vapors combines apricot, peach, and other Halcyon undertones. Rocky swears by this flavor due to its longevity. “This is such a light sweet apricot and peach blend that can be vaped for years straight,” she says.



Orgasm by One Up Vapor

This eLiquid could live up to its name due to the amount of flavor present in this creation by One Up Vapor. Orgasm by One Up Vapor is a balance of flavor without overpowering your taste buds. We can see why Rocky is a fan of this eLiquid as it is also one of the best-selling eLiquids on “I am a fruity gal and this medley speaks for itself with the name. An amazing mixture of fruit!” she says.



LushIce by VGOD

When we look at eLiquid flavors with the word “ice” after them, we often think of the cooling effects of menthol. Whether or not you like menthol is a matter of personal preference and is a point of debate among vapers. LushIce by VGOD may turn some heads though: it has fresh watermelon, mixed melons, and menthol. “This flavor took me out of my comfort zone with the ICE feature, but did not disappoint,” Rocky says. “I have changed my tune on menthol or ICE flavors after trying this one.”


Pop Clouds - Fluff

Cotton Fluff by Pop Clouds

Cotton candy is a staple of the county fair, and you can also find it in movie theaters as an alternative to its saltier cousin, popcorn. It’s also a favorite among vapers and the staff here at the offices. Cotton Fluff by Pop Clouds is also a highly-rated product on “This one is sweeter than sweet. It’s a cotton candy flavor that will take your mouth to the state fair,” Rocky says.

That’s all for our Top 5 Staff Picks on What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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