State of Vape: Keep Vape Mail Legal

State of Vape: Keep Vape Mail Legal

The current state of vape is always in flux. Between all the flavor bans, proposed flavor bans, floor taxes, and other legislation, it can be very confusing to keep up. However, one piece of legislation may stand in the way of affordable vape products and you: Senate Bill 1253 (S. 1253). This will ban vape retailers from using the United States Postal Service (USPS) from mailing vape products. Banning vape mail will not entirely ban online sales, but make it a lot more difficult (and expensive) to get your favorite vape products.

The consequences of banning vape mail

Vape mail is often the primary method of receiving vape products for those who do not live near a vape shop or live in remote areas. The team believes strongly that you should always get your vape products. Access to vape mail is an integral part of making sure that you receive your vape products. Delivery of vape products will be pushed to private carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL. This could increase the price of vaping products by as much as $20 per order. This will directly impact low-income vapers and online vape retailers such as, forcing online vape retailers to pass the cost onto consumers. This is the last thing that the team wants to happen.

There are also a few other unintended consequences of banning vape mail, especially in the current environment. Unnecessary points of contact could risk spreading COVID-19. In addition, private companies may be urged by opponents of the vaping industry to also ban shipping vape products as well. This will virtually cut off all access to flavors and vape products.

There are better ways to keep vape mail legal

Illicit sellers of vape products are online and can easily sell to anyone. Vaping360 reports that many sellers of illicit vape products use eBay accounts which will continue to operate whether or not S. 1253 is passed. These accounts have generic names which make it difficult to determine whether or not they are legitimate vape dealers, and thus they can sell to underage buyers unchecked. The team supports T21 legislation and we should instead find illicit online dealers to make sure that vape products are only accessible to those 21 and over. This will be more impactful than banning the USPS from delivering vape products (as well as the unintended consequences of such a move).

Therefore, we encourage you to take action and keep vape mail legal. This will also help keep your vape products affordable and accessible.
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