State of Vape: Most Salt Nic Products Discontinued

State of Vape: Most Salt Nic Products Discontinued

It’s been about a month since the passing of PMTA on September 9, 2020. There are still many questions about enforcement of PMTA. What we do know is that flavors that can be potentially marketed to those under 21 will be the primary target for enforcement. But did you know that the majority of salt nic eLiquids will not go through PMTA? This will affect those who primarily vape salt nic eLiquids.

If it’s made after 8/8, it’s gone

Vapers know that no new flavors have been introduced to the market after 8/8/16. The majority of salt nic products were made after 8/8/16. Some vape manufacturers, namely Solace Vapor, had salt nic products on the market before this date. This means they are allowed to stay on the market. Solace Vapor has also announced that they have gone through PMTA. Salt nic products aren’t entirely gone, but this means there is at least one vape manufacturer that will provide salt nic products, which may cause salt nic products to be in short supply.

If you love salt nic products, here’s why they’re going away

Previously on the blog, we talked about adjusting the way you use nicotine. With many major brands refusing to send their salt nic lines through PMTA, this could be forcing vapers to swap to lower nicotine strengths. While the team believes this should be a personal decision, regulations could have accelerated the decision sooner. Most salt nic strengths are usually between 35mg and 50mg of nicotine.

Some have opined that this might not only be because the products were made after 8/8/16, but also to demonstrate that vape products are safer alternative nicotine products, given the amount of negative press surrounding vaping in the past year. This has yet to be determined, although it may be a reason for vape manufacturers to demonstrate through the PMTA process that they are committed to lowering the nicotine strengths of their products. The FDA has already signaled that disposable vape devices are also targets for enforcement, and these disposable devices also have 35mg or 50mg of nicotine. We will keep you updated on any enforcement actions that the FDA has taken or any new guidance.

With salt nic products mostly going off the market, how do you plan to adjust your own vaping experience? Let us know!

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