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Tank's Story

Tank was born and raised in Barstow California. Unfortunately, he had a very rough upbringing. Like many other pit bulls of his size, he was used to raise other fighting dogs. He has several large scars on his face and is missing parts of his tongue due to his injuries. When no longer able to fight, he was eventually sent to a kill shelter where he was placed on doggie death row. Thankfully, the loving folks at The Barking Lot in El Cajon, California, rescued Tank at the last minute to ensure he had the best possible chance at finding his forever home.


During the summer of 2015, Billy (the CEO of began looking for a dog he could rescue. He scoured the internet for months looking to find a perfect match. His goal was to find a rescue that would be able to go to the office on a daily basis. He met with dozens of rescues only to have the dogs he was interested in rescued before he could complete all the required paperwork. Then one night, Billy stumbled upon and saw Plank (his rescue name). He immediately reached out and secured an appointment to meet him that weekend. He made the 1.5 hour drive to visit with Plank for the first time. When the wonderful folks at The Barking Lot brought him out, Billy immediately laid on the ground to see how he would react. Within 5 seconds, he crawled onto his chest and simply laid on Billy like they had been friends forever. Billy knew Plank, now Tank, would be his newest family member.

Tank and Billy

The first two weeks with Tank were very tough. He was terrified to come into the house and cowered like Billy was going to hurt him as soon as he made it inside. Tank also had never been trained, but within two weeks of training and loving him, he finally settled in. Tank comes to the office everyday and everyone that works with us loves having him here. While he spends most of his days sleeping, he can often be seen begging from desk to desk during lunch hour or flying up and down the halls to burn off some energy. Tank has grown from a shy and scared little boy, into a confident, friendly and very affectionate young dog. We are truly grateful to have Tank in our lives and hope that Tank’s story can help change the negative public perception of his breed. #DogLivesMatter

Tank's Story

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