The Adventures of Captain Custard (Top 5 Custard Flavors)

The Adventures of Captain Custard (Top 5 Custard Flavors)

The city had descended into chaos in light of the revelation that there were no top five custard lists for people to choose from. Perched atop the roof of the local vape shop, Captain Custard looked down upon the stricken faces of the citizens who were in utter disarray. To quell the rising discourse, many vape websites and stores had taken to throwing together ragtag lists of custard flavors, but their customers were far too smart and realized they had no idea what they were talking about as soon as they tested the first flavors on the lists. The barred doors of the vape shop were braced now against the swarm of angry vape enthusiasts. 

The crowd began to part as a few particularly angsty vapers had pulled a mailbox from its foundation and were moving to use it as a ram to open the doors. Just then, Captain Custard lept from the roof and landed in the way of the makeshift ram. The crowd quickly stilled as they looked at the strange hero dressed in a yellow jumpsuit with red rubber boots and gloves, and a red cape with the letters CC on it. 

“Fear not citizens” he shouted, “Captain Custard is here, and I’ve brought you a tried and true list of the five greatest custard flavors in existence.” The crowd cheered and the mailbox was dropped as they swarmed in around the superhero. He held his hand aloft and as if from magic a scroll appeared in his grasp. He unrolled it slowly and cleared his throat before reading out loud. 

“Number five on our list is Lion by Illuminati Vapors. This simple vanilla custard flavored e-liquid has won the hearts of many over the years, and will continue to do so for many more to come. With the taste vaguely reminiscent of oatmeal cookies, you’ll find that this juice delivers a mouthful of flavor on every hit.

Fourth on the list, we have a flavor by Kilo eLiquids - Tru Blue. A nice change from the traditional custard flavors, this blueberry custard rocks a perfect combination of sweet and creamy with that delicious blueberry flavor and creamy custard undertones. A solid choice for anyone looking to try some new custard variants.

Up next at number three is Mother’s Milk by Suicide Bunny. Another fruity variant, this sweet and creamy custard has a wonderful strawberry exhale that will make your mouth water in anticipation of the next hit. This flavor has been around for years and will likely be around for years more as a solid choice for any custard lover.

On to number two, we have VCT by Ripe Vapes. A bit of an oddity as far as these flavors go, this sweet custard actually sports a tobacco undertone that is rounded out with hints of roasted almonds. A flavor you have to try to really understand the flavor profile, this extremely popular flavor has earned its place high up on our top five list.

Number one on our list should come as no surprise, as when you hear custard many of us automatically think of Killer Kustard by Vapetasia. While it may seem bold to name your entire brand line after a flavor profile, Vapetasia does not need to brag about their Killer Kustard flavor, as the juice speaks for itself. One of the richest custard flavors around, they take the number one spot and will be hard pressed to see it fall to any competitors in the space. This flavor has a wonderfully complex flavor that also somehow nails a perfect balance of sweet and creamy flavor. If you have to start somewhere, Killer Kustard is the surest ejuice to get you into the custard lineup.

If you enjoyed this list, you can even purchase these e-liquids and many others online at for 15% off* with coupon code Custard15.”

The crowd was silent at this point, as Captain Custard rolled the scroll back up and snapped his fingers, making it disappear from sight. Before the silence stretched too long, someone in the crowd began clapping slowly. Another person joined in, then another, until the entire street was filled with a chorus of cheers and applause. Our superhero saluted the crowd and launched into the air, flying off to offer his very narrow skillset in service to another group of vapers in need.

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