Digiflavor x Geek Bar Lush 20000 Disposable

Top 5 DigiFlavor x Geek Bar LUSH Flavors


Since its launch, Digiflavor and Geek Bar have taken the vaping world by storm with their new LUSH 20,000 puffs disposable. Instantly recognizable for its one of a kind design and unique flavors such as "Sour Apple Jolly Rancher" and "Manion Twist," it's no surprise why this device has captured the hearts of vapers all over the world. 


However, with such a stacked flavor line up comes greater challenge in knowing which flavors are worth trying first. Thankfully, we're here to help. After arduous and extensive research pulling from a wide swath of data such as customer reviews, flavor demand as well as our own personal use, the following five flavors are unmistakably the top ones to try.



5. Triple Berry Ice

Triple Berry Ice is a fusion of ripe strawberries, tangy raspberries, and succulent blueberries, creating a trifecta of fruity bliss. Packed with the juicy sweetness of strawberries, followed by the zing of tart raspberries on the exhale. Just as you think the flavor journey ends, the subtle hint of blueberries emerges, adding depth to the ensemble. A crisp ice finish ties it all together, leaving a refreshing sensation that lingers long after each puff.



4. Raspberry Zing

Raspberry Zing delivers a vibrant burst of tangy raspberries with a zesty twist. Enjoy a flurry of tartness with a subtle hint of citrus, adding a refreshing zing that'll be sure to satisfy your tastebuds. A lingering sweetness delicately balances the tang, leaving a satisfying and memorable aftertaste with every puff.



3. Berry Bomb

Berry Bomb is a flavor explosion that hits you with layers of berry goodness. Be greeted by the bold flavors of sweet strawberries, raspberries and blueberries in a way like you've never experience before with any other vape. Compact with so much flavor, its not just good, its the bomb.



2. Blue Razz Ice

Lush's Blue Razz Ice stands out from the crowd with its unique flavor blend that hits all the right notes. While many similar flavors may overwhelm with sweetness or menthol, Blue Razz Ice strikes the perfect balance between blue raspberry and the refreshing icy cool exhale. If you're tired of the same bland imitations, Lush's Blue Razz Ice promises a new take on an old flavor that's truly one of a kind.



1.  Banana Coconut

Banana Coconut offers a pleasant permeation of flavor notes, blending the tropical sweetness of ripe bananas with the creamy essence of coconut. Unlike overpowering flavors, Banana Coconut strikes a perfect balance with its neutral fruity notes, appealing to a wide range of palates. Whether you're a fanatic of tropical flavors or simply looking for a refreshing change, Banana Coconut promises a delightful and palate-pleasing vape every time.

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