Top 5 eLiquid Manufacturers in California

Top 5 eLiquid Manufacturers in California

If you’ve wondered where your favorite eLiquids are from, keep reading. The team is originally from Orange County, California. Many vapers consider California as the birthplace of vaping in the United States. Therefore, it makes sense to look at the top 5 eLiquid manufacturers from California. Here are the top 5 eLiquid manufacturers based in California.

Twist E-Liquids

Twist E-Liquids hails from Sylmar, California, right at the entrance to the Los Angeles area if you’re traveling down I-5 from northern California. Pink Punch Lemonade is a favorite of customers, alongside many of their other vape juice flavors that vapers love. Our friends over at Twist E-Liquids recently announced that the FDA accepted their PMTA application. Congratulations!

Candy King eJuice

Dripmore’s Candy King eJuice is based out of Riverside, California. Some of the best candy-flavored and fruit-flavored eLiquids come from our friends over at Candy King eJuice, like Strawberry Watermelon. Those who enjoy these flavors might want to check out the Candy King eJuice collection.

Naked 100 E-Liquid

USA Vape Lab brand Naked 100 E-Liquid can be found in Huntington Beach, California. One of the biggest eLiquid manufacturers out there, they also spearheaded the #No2Minors campaign to promote the responsible selling of vape products to adults only. Naked 100 by Schwartz brings familiar and popular fruit-flavored eLiquids such as Hawaiian Pog and Lava Flow. Our friends over at Naked 100 E-Liquid share the same passion for vape advocacy that the team does.

Skwezed eJuice

Skwezed eJuice brings quality fruit-flavored eLiquids straight from the City of Industry, California. Green Apple and Peach are two of the best-selling eLiquids from our friends over at Skwezed eJuice. As an up and coming brand straight from the birthplace of vaping, we definitely think you should go check them out!

Reds Apple eJuice

Reds Apple eJuice has been a popular brand with vapers for quite some time. They are located in Baldwin Park, which is east of Los Angeles and Pasadena. The original Reds Apple or blends such as Reds Grape, Reds Berries, and Reds Watermelon Iced happen to be products popular among customers. Reds Apple eJuice recently also had their PMTA application accepted. Congratulations!


That’s all for our top 5 eLiquid manufacturers in California! What popular eLiquids are being made in your state? Let us know!

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