Top 5 Flavors for the Beginning of Fall

Top 5 Flavors for the Beginning of Fall

Here are the top 5 flavors for the beginning of Fall:

  • We’ll begin with number 5, which is CINNAMON COATED BY PRETZEL SHACK BY RUTHLESS- This flavor is a sweet cinnamon soft pretzel, which is perfect for cozy fall nights, bundled under the blanket and looking for a taste that fits the mood.
  • Heading over to number four, we have CHURROS & MILK EJUICE BY V'NILLA- This is another cinnamon flavor with a twist. It tastes like churros covered in sugar and dipped in vanilla milk--a perfect Fall treat.
  • Coming in at third, we have VANILLA FROSTED PEACH FRITTER BY FRITTER POPS EJUICE- Which is a a fried peach fritter cake pop with sweet caramel frosting. Cake, caramel, fair desserts--need we say more? This flavor screams fall!
  • Looking ahead to number 2, we have PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE BY FALL E-LIQUIDS-  Are you really shocked that this is one of our top flavors for the beginning of Fall, after they already released the pumpkin spice latte? This has creamy milk base, espresso, and a mixture of spices with light notes of cinnamon and vanilla.
  • And finally, rounding off at number 1, our top tank for this week is PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE BY YOU GOT E-JUICE- Pumpkin made out top two spots, but what makes this flavor number one is the  Old-fashioned cheesecake infused with pumpkin filling, making it truly unique.

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