Top 5 Flavors for the Week of 8/1/18

Top 5 Flavors for the Week of 8/1/18

Here are the top 5 trending flavors this week:

  • We’ll begin with number 5, which is We’ll begin with number 5, which is Mother’s Milk by Suicide Bunny Premium E-Liquid. People really seem to love this flavor, with many toting it as their All Day Vape. The flavor one tastes when vaping this tasty treat is a creamy custard on the inhale and a light, strawberry exhale.
  • Heading over to number four, we have Apach’i by Halcyon Vapors. A lot of people really like Halcyon, as it was one of the first premium brands to truly establish itself well in the marketplace. They’re known for their “out of the box” flavors, which is why the Apach’i mixture of apricot, peach and signature undertones from the brand makes it one of a kind.
  • Coming in at third, we have Game Over by Flawless Juice. This is a major twist on the breakfast classic, using the taste of fruit Loops and creamy ice cream, instead of milk, to make this flavor pop.
  • Looking ahead to number 2, we have  Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bar of the Hype Collection by Propaganda E-Liquid. While we all loved the original dessert treat that this is based off of, vaping it is an even better experience than you might think. The taste of the creamy crumble on the inhale and the sweet, soothing strawberry on the exhale makes for a flavor that everyone can enjoy.
  • And finally, rounding off at number 1, our top flavor for this week is Godnectar by Bad Drip eJuice. This combination of Passionfruit, Orange, Mango, and Guava is definitely ethereal, nearly out of this world. Dare we say the nectar of the gods?

 And that’s our list for this week! Use the code “VapeTunes15” at checkout to get 15% off your order. Terms and conditions apply, see our site for details. Have a great day and keep on vaping!

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