TOP 5 Lemonade Flavors

TOP 5 Lemonade Flavors

This week for our top 5 we have chosen Lemonade flavors! If you’re like me, searching for a good lemonade vape has been harder than finding a good root beer flavor, it seemed for the longest time like it couldn’t be done. That is until companies started combining other flavors with their lemonade. You’ll find here five of the best lemonade flavors on the market, tested and proven by our employees here at We hope we can do them justice in our descriptions, but feel free to check out their reviews as well if you don’t want to put all your faith in our review. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.  

The number one flavor on our list should come as no surprise to any lemonade fanatic out there, and it’s Alien Piss 1 by Bomb Sauce E-liquid. Probably one of the first companies to release a truly competitive lemonade vape experience, they’ve capitalized on this amazing flavor by releasing flavors two through five in the series as well, but none of them come close to the sales of the original. A blue raspberry lemonade combo, Alien piss is easily the safest sweet lemonade experience you can hope for. If you want to be a bit more daring and try some of the newer blends, keep reading!

The juice that earned second place on our list is Pink Punch lemonade by Lemon Twist E-liquids. Probably the most true to the original pink lemonade you would sip in the backyard on a hot day, pink punch was a marvel in the vape community upon release and has flourished since. A mixture of pink lemonade and a mild strawberry undertone, they really created something special that deserves recognition, even if most of us are already happy with our lemon+fruit flavors that are on the market. If you are curious about a singularly lemonade focused e-liquid, Pink punch is the best place to start. 

Third place, a juice this writer can’t help but recommend for this list, my personal ADV, IVG’s - Summer Blaze. This is another mixed lemonade flavor, but with a refreshing twist. While Summer blaze doesn’t boast any menthol in their description, there is an undoubtable cooling effect that is involved with every inhale. The mixture of sicilian lemonade and mixed berries releases a burst of fruity flavor that may seem overpowering at first, but once you have settled into that “vapers tongue” point, where other juices begin to taste bland, Summer Blaze tastes absolutely perfect. It delivers just the right amount of sweet, refreshing, and wonderful aftertaste that you can’t help but burn through a bottle in no time. If you are considering trying Summer Blaze, I can confidently say make sure you get 2 bottles, you’ll probably go through the first one before a second can ship out to you. 

Fourth on our list, we have Fizzy Lemonade from the Basix Series by Glas. What could possibly be better than lemonade? That’s right, frozen lemonade. What can make frozen lemonade even better? You guessed it, carbonated frozen lemonade. Add a twist of lemon-lime soda and you have a summer treat that can’t help but make you feel refreshed. Fizzy Lemonade was designed to emulate just such a flavor and has quickly risen in popularity since it’s release. While it is an odd take on the lemonade flavor alone, it has certainly earned its place in this top five.

Finally, fifth on our list is Blue Slushie Lemonade by Keep it 100. Another newer flavor, Blue slushie actually combines strawberry flavoring with blue raspberries, blended with iced lemonade for a singularly delicious and refreshing vape experience. Compared frequently to Alien Piss 1, any fans of that original flavor may find Blue Slushie just a subtle enough change that it may become their new ADV. If you enjoy this flavor, be sure to leave a review like the others on our site who have rated it a 4.8/5 on average. 

Thanks for reading our top 5 lemonade flavors, we hope you found something new to try out from this article, and if you did we would like to recommend you leave a review of the flavor so you can earn more rewards points, and let others know what you think so they can make a more informed decision on their next purchase. Keep checking back for our next top 5 article, until then vapers, keep calm and vape on. 

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