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Top 5 Menthol Flavors

February 13, 2019 2 min read

Top 5 Menthol Flavors

  • Our list this week starts off at number five,Midas Vape E-liquids - Glacial Menthol. Did you forget to bring gum on your date? Or maybe you’re about to walk into an interview? Whatever the occasion, if you could some ice cold minty breathe, Glacial Menthol is for you. This is about as close as you can get to a solid pure menthol vape. With this icy flavor, your mouth will be tingling after each drag and you may even be able to leave your mints at home!
  • Up next at number four isBomb Sauce E-liquid - Classic Peppermint. What sort of top five menthol list would be complete without mentioning a good peppermint. Bomb Sauce E-liquid really hit the mark on this one, with a deep menthol flavor mixed with one of our favorite holiday treats. This peppermint will have you yearning for everyone’s favorite time of year, but luckily you won’t need to buy presents any time soon!
  • Third on our list, we haveNaked 100 Menthol by Schwartz - Brain Freeze. It’s time we add a bit of sweet flavoring into our list. Brain freeze delivers the cool refreshing vape only a menthol can give, with the rich taste of strawberries, the tartness of kiwi, and sweetness of pomegranates. A nice balance for any vapers who prefer a menthol, but also have a bit of a sweet tooth.
  • Making our way to number 2, we haveTime Bomb Vapors - TNT Ice. A consistent favorite among our customers, TNT Ice delivers a tried and true menthol experience that is hard to match. A mixture of apple, strawberry, and peach, this juice is a must for any vaper who enjoys menthol. Not quite as strong as other menthols, this flavor hits you hard with a perfect combination of sweet fruits which are emphasized by a cool menthol exhale.
  • Finishing off our list as our number one menthol flavor,  Summer Blaze by IVG Premium E-liquids. A particular favorite of this writer, and my personal all day vape, I can’t recommend it enough. While this flavor may be overpowering as soon as you taste it, the treasure lies in what it becomes after vapers tongue has set in. The overpowering flavor begins to die down and you’re left with a juice that will fill your mouth with a sweet fruit blend every time you take a drag. As it is also a mild menthol, the flavor is accentuated by a cool refreshing exhale. If you’re considering a new mild menthol, giveIVG - Summer Blaze a shot.
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