Top 5 New Arrivals

Top 5 New Arrivals

Nobody releases a new brand line expecting to fail. When a new juice comes on the market, that means there were countless hours of testing involved, flavor profiles to try and match, and a lot of heart and effort put into making that new flavor something people are going to talk about. Well we want to do our best to help these brands out. Due to our recent survey where a huge majority of voters said they want to know what’s new, we decided to give our new flavors their own top 5 list to see if we can find that next new ADV that you didn’t expect to find. Let’s jump right in!

Number five on our list is Chain Vapez - Gravity. What’s that force pulling you to the earth? Oh yeah, it’s probably this new flavor! Gravity features a sweet watermelon and grape infused bubble gum flavor which is perfect for any vapers with a sweet tooth out there. We’re certain some of our readers of this article are going to want to gravitate to this delicious new flavor.

Number four we have Budget eLiquid - Candy Watermelon. The flavor profile is in the name, but who doesn’t love a good candy watermelon flavor? Isn’t watermelon the best flavor in just about every type of candy? We’re excited to see how you like this new e-juice from Budget eliquid’s lineup so make sure you leave a review if you decide to give it a try.

Coming in at number three we have Marina Classic - Blueberry Milkshake. This exciting new line up features 10 new flavors, but none have been quite as exciting as this blueberry treat. With a milky cream flavor and undoubtedly blueberry exhale, this juice is a great start if you want to start testing out this new brand line.

Closing in on number one we have our number two flavor, Momentum by Aqua eJuice. We hope you enjoy a mango e-liquid as much as we do, because Momentum features a pure mango flavor. Meticulously tested to deliver the perfect pure mango flavor, if you’re a fan of mangos, you’ll most certainly enjoy this new e-juice.

Finally number one on our list, Lyf e-liquid - Aloha Fusion. This tropical flavor fusion is perfect for anyone who enjoys a good fruit punch. Not too sweet and packed full of flavor, we put Aloha Fusion as the first on our list because after we tried it ourselves, we are certain our customers are going to like it as much as we do. The favor is long lasting and satisfying with every inhale and exhale. This is definitely one of those surprise gems you find in the new juice section.

That wraps things up for our first Top 5 New Flavors, if you end up picking up one of these juices be sure to fill out the review when your review request is emailed to you. Tell us what you like about the flavors and what you don’t like so you can help the next person make their decision on whether or not to give these new flavors a shot.

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