Top 5 New Arrivals

Top 5 New Arrivals

We’re so glad to see people were pleased with our top 5 new arrivals blog, we hope many of you had a chance to try out some of those new juices and were able to find some surprising new favorites as well. We have put together another top 5 new arrivals list for you today, and if you weren’t able to find a juice you enjoyed from the last post, hopefully we’ve found one for you here.

Even though our number five juice is from the Basix series, there is nothing basic about it. Glas E-Liquid added a new flavor to our store, and we’re happy to introduce Basic Series - Mango Tango. This tropical masterpiece is definitely going to be one of the biggest new arrivals this season. If you are looking for a safe choice out of this list to try, we definitely recommend giving Mango Tango a try.

Number four here is going to be THR33 Monkeyz - Speak No Evil. Another mango flavor, this blend of mango, banana, and mint is a great new take on the normal tropical juice idea. It seems like so many great fruit flavors benefit so much from having a hint of mint, as it keeps the vapers tongue from setting in and ruining the flavor. Definitely a great idea, if you’re feeling a little adventurous with some new flavor profiles, give Speak No Evil a try and let us know how you like it when you leave a review!

On to number three, we have Vape Style E-liquid Salts - Granny’s Apple. This is a salt nic flavor and only comes in 30mg and 45mg strengths. A very simple flavor profile, green apple, this may be just the flavor you’re looking for to put into your next pod system. It’s difficult to find a good high nic salt that has a great flavor, so give Granny’s apple a shot and be sure to leave a review so others can benefit from your recommendation!

Number two on our list is Burst Salt Collection - Melon Burst. Another new salt for our nic salt lovers, this flavor comes in 25mg and 45mg strengths. As a big fan of these melon flavors, this cantaloupe and honeydew combination definitely stands up with the best and does a great job masking that high nic hit with such a strong flavor combination.

Finally number one we have another salt nic, Finest Saltnic Series - Lychee Dragon. A new salt nic variation of an already delicious flavor, Lychee Dragon does a great job retaining it’s original flavor while also delivering a big nic hit in 30mg and 50mg variations. A full lychee flavor on the inhale, and a smooth dragon fruit and strawberry exhale, this flavor definitely earns it’s spot as the #1 on our list of new arrivals.

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