TOP 5 New Arrivals

TOP 5 New Arrivals

We’re in the dog days of August (which really has nothing to do with actual dogs, but rather the dog star, Sirius), which means we have some hot (and cold) new arrivals here at Check out what we’ve got in stock today!

Ghost Berry

Ghost Berry by Vapewell
Halloween is two months away (or for some of you, you might actually be preparing for it now), but Ghost Berry by Vapewell is a Halloween-themed flavor, combining white grapes with berry flavors. The results are considered scary good; in fact, you might be afraid not to try it.

Our testers here at were curious about this latest arrival into the warehouse. One of them said, “This may be a great candidate for an all-day vape. It stands out in a crowded field of fruit-flavored vape juices. It has great potential to scare off the competition, but the people will ultimately decide. It’s a buy for me!”


Watermelon Rush Ice by Mega E-Liquids Sub Ohm Salts
What’s more refreshing than a surge of fruit flavors in your vape device being delivered straight to your taste buds? Watermelon Rush Ice by Mega E-Liquids Sub Ohm Salts combines the taste of watermelon and strawberries along with a cool menthol finish. What better way to stay cool?

Our e-liquid expert here at says, “I tried this when it first hit the warehouse and I enjoyed the cool taste and fruity flavors. I think any fan of fruit flavors will enjoy this one. I’d like to remind our customers that this particular flavor is for sub-ohm builds, so make sure your device can handle it.”

Jam Monster Mixed Berry

Mixed Berry by Jam Monster E-Juice
Fruits are a “berry” vital part of a balanced diet. In fact, Mixed Berry by Jam Monster E-Juice throws together strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries in a jam smothered on some buttered toast. Waking up is never easy, but with a hit of Mixed Berry, you’ll probably be thankful you did. This latest arrival will make you feel like you’re taking a hit of part of a balanced breakfast.

We consulted some of our testers here at to see what the verdict was about Mixed Berry. One said, “I’m not a morning person. I’ll tell you that right now. But there’s something about Mixed Berry that keeps me going during the day. You should really try Mixed Berry if you’re looking for something new.” You could probably place it in your collection next to a coffee-flavored e-liquid.


Smash Mouth by Humble Juice Co. OG Salts
Did somebody once tell you the world was going to roll you? Smash Mouth by Humble Juice Co. OG Salts is sure to be an All-Star in the SaltNic category. You’ve got the combination of strawberry, graham cracker, and custard mash in this SaltNic e-liquid. Get your game on, go vape!

When the team at saw this product, our testers became instantly interested to see what it would taste like. “I’d say it’s tasty,” one tester said. “The strawberry and graham cracker flavors mesh well with the custard. There’s a lot of potential here, and those with sub-ohm builds will enjoy this flavor.”


Teacher’s Pet by Revenge E-Juice
The smart kid in class (or the person who kissed up to the teacher the most) was always called the teacher’s pet. The folks over at Revenge E-Juice, however, wanted to make a vape juice that will be the favorite in your vape collection. Teacher’s Pet by Revenge E-Juice mixes two popular flavors: blue raspberry and strawberry rock candy. It could be the sweetest addition to your collection.

The testing team here at was intrigued by the unusual name of this e-liquid. One tester said, “The flavor combinations of blue raspberry and strawberry rock candy are definitely tempting to me. I’m already a fan. I’ll recommend this to all my friends.”

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