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TOP 5 New Arrivals

September 24, 2019 2 min read

TOP 5 New Arrivals

Despite all the flavor bans and the threat of legislation to ban vaping products, the eLiquid.com team is here to give you the latest in vaping products and hardware! Here are our top 5 new arrivals!

Gamma by Teleos SALT
SaltNics are a favorite in the eLiquid.com offices. In fact,Gamma by Teleos SALT will be sure to catch your eye. A mix of mango and guava will be already satisfying to SaltNic fans, but they add peaches and cream to the mix to make it even better. What do the eLiquid.com customers say? Tony M. only had one word for it. “Amazinggg!”

Crunch Time by Distilled eLiquid
We’re not talking about the bottom of the 9th in Game 7 of the World Series or going to penalties in the World Cup, but ratherCrunch Time by Distilled eLiquid. It’s basically your typical cereal with marshmallow. It just hit our shelves here at the eLiquid.com offices, so we don’t know what customers will have to say about it at this point. Given our past experiences with cereal eLiquids, we can tell it has potential.

Aloha by Strictly E-Liquids

Aloha by Strictly Liquids
Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t vape flavors meant for summer! You can make your escape withAloha by Strictly Liquids. Get a taste of the tropics with some passionfruit, orange, and guava juice. It’s another product fresh in the eLiquid.com offices, so we’re hoping that the fruit flavors resonate well with eLiquid.com customers!

Propaganda E-Liquid The Hype Collection - Juicy Grape
The eLiquid.com offices have always been a bit ambivalent toward grape flavors—but we’re taking a bit of a different approach to this eLiquid.Propaganda E-Liquid The Hype Collection - Juicy Grape is just one flavor: grape. They say it’s the perfect grape, and we’re inclined to believe them. However, it is also brand new in the eLiquid.com offices, so we’ll let the customers decide for themselves.


Sweet Tooth by Bad Drip E-Juice
Whodoesn’t have a sweet tooth? Unless you’re not allowed to have sweets, you’re probably drawn in by sweets in general. Thankfully, anyone can have sweet eLiquids such asSweet Tooth by Bad Drip E-Juice. You’ve got the carnival favorite of cotton candy floss combined with candied raspberry nectar. That’s a lot of tooth decay! It’s brand new in the eLiquid.com offices, so we’ll let the customers speak when they order and vape some.

That’s all for our Top 5 New Arrivals, be sure to check back for more on eLiquid.com!

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