Top 5 Summer Flavors of 2024

Top 5 Summer Flavors of 2024

It’s getting hot in here! The team is hard at work preparing your orders and getting the latest summer flavors into the warehouse. Do you want those refreshing cool eLiquids that will keep your mind off the heat? Here are some of our favorite summer flavors that you can buy on!


Unicorn Frappé eJuice by Unicorn Frappé by Juice Man USA

Colloquially, a unicorn is defined as something that is rare. An eLiquid like this is pretty rare, so we might as well talk about it. This eLiquid is called Unicorn Frappé eJuice by Unicorn Frappé by Juice Man USA. The blend of sour blue raspberry, mango, cotton candy, and whipped cream means this eLiquid crosses into several other categories, but it’s something you should try vaping this summer. Stacey H. says, “This is my everyday vape! I love the flavor and the iced version is fantastic as well.”



Subliminal by Propaganda E-Liquid

No secret messaging here! If you like the taste of sweet and sour razzmatazz candy, then you can take a look at Subliminal by Propaganda E-Liquid. Fans of something sweet with a little sour will enjoy this eLiquid. Jason Y. says, “Very tart with sweet undertones. If you like sweet and sour, pick it up.”



Ez Duz It on Ice by Ruthless eJuice

Menthol and fruit fans should rush to to grab some Ez Duz It on Ice by Ruthless eJuice. You get ripe strawberry and juicy watermelon at 90% VG. To top it off, you get a splash of menthol to really cool down the vaping experience. Roberto R. in Spain says, “I love this eLiquid and this store. Thanks for all.”



Kryp by Cosmic Fog Vapors

The flavors in this eLiquid will keep you coming back for more. Kryp by Cosmic Fog throws together cool melon and candy. You can even mix it with another fruit-flavored eLiquid if you want an even fruitier and cooler vaping experience. Rebecca T. says, “I love it! It tastes good and mixes well with fruity flavors.”



Pearamel by Teardrip Juice Co.

Want to find a great intersection between dessert and fruits? Pearamel by Teardrip Juice Co. is available on This is a sugar-torched pear with caramel drizzle, so you can enjoy both fruit and dessert simultaneously. Mauna T. says, “It’s one of my all-time favorites.”

That’s all for our top 5 summer flavors! We want to know what you’re vaping this summer. Anything old? Anything new? We’re waiting to hear from you in the comments below!

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