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Top 5 Time Bomb Vapors Flavors

April 22, 2019 4 min read

Top 5 Time Bomb Vapors Flavors

Many of our readers were happy to see us review an entire brand line like our Top 5 Humble Juice Co. Flavors, so we listened to your feedback and present to you our Top 5 Time Bomb flavors. With a mixture of feedback from our customers numbering over 1,000 reviews, personal testing within our company, and overwhelming support for this brand line in sales, you can read through this article and come out the other side an expert in what to expect from Time Bomb. Let’s jump right into it, shall we?
Our number one flavor, which likely comes as little surprise to anyone even vaguely familiar with Time Bomb’s brand, isTNT by Time Bomb. Of the over 1,000 reviews made on this brand line alone, TNT boasts nearly half of them at 447 verified purchaser reviews which are overwhelmingly positive, netting this flavor 4.5 stars on our site. This refreshing blend of fresh strawberries, crisp apple, and a sweet juicy peach undertone, TNT has found its way on to many of our employees top ADV lists, and we’re certain many more customer lists as well. If you are looking for somewhere to start with Time Bomb, you can consider TNT the safest place, but be aware that you may not be inclined to test any others out after you sample this incredible flavor.
Number two on our list is a little unorthodox as far as top five reviews go, but we can’t ignore it’s popularity simply because it’s a variant of our number one flavor.TNT ICE comes in with a whopping 154 reviews and 4.5 stars of it’s own, putting it as our second most popular Time Bomb Flavor. As above, this is a mixture of strawberry, apple, and peach flavors which are now heightened by a moderate dose of menthol that truly accentuates the flavor in the best way. If you were interested in TNT based on our review above, and enjoy a good menthol, we would urge you to consider trying this one out first as Time Bomb has truly nailed the balance between fruit and refreshing menthol in this wonderful flavor.
Third on our list isTime Bomb Vapors - Pixy. If you close your eyes and take a drag of this juice, you’ll swear you just tore open a purple pixy stix and poured the entire thing into your mouth. This wonderful pixy stix candy flavor is enormously popular among our shoppers. If you’re looking for a new candy e-liquid, we strongly suggest you look no further than this delightful juice. If you don’t believe us, don’t take our word for it. Click the link above and check out the reviews from verified buyers just like you who can’t get enough of this flavor.
If you’re looking for a good fruit e-liquid, and don’t think the combination of strawberry, apple, and peaches from TNT is really your thing, then how about trying a strawberry watermelon flavor? Fourth on our list isFuse by Time Bomb Vapors. When you’re good at something like creating an incredible fruit flavor, you don’t stop at one. Fuse is just another example of how Time Bomb can’t make a bad eliquid. This mouthwatering combination of watermelon and strawberry in an e-liquid has found many of the die hard TNT fans migrate over treating Fuse like their new ADV. As a watermelon fan myself, this is a personal favorite for this writer.
Last and certainly not least (Yeah, we know, it’scliché), we presentTime Bomb Vapors - Maniac. For you dessert fans, we haven’t forgotten about you. Our first dessert flavor from our list, Maniac, presents a captivating vanilla cupcake experience to round out this sweet top five article. Not only is it vanilla cupcake flavored, it also includes a buttercream frosting, and you can almost taste the creamy filling as well when you take your first hit of this sinfully sweet e-liquid.
 We hope you enjoyed our Top 5 Time Bomb flavors list. While every flavor in this 8 juice lineup boasts an incredible 4.5 stars, we’ve only reviewed the top 5 selling flavors, so don’t be afraid to test out the ones we haven’t mentioned as we are certain there are already plenty of fans out there for them as well. Time bomb has truly proven they can’t release a flavor that isn’t a hit, so whether or not you are new to vaping, or a veteran looking for a new vaping experience, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve found arguably the best lineup the vaping world has to offer. If you pick up a bottle, be sure to answer the review email you receive after your purchase and let us know what you think. Who knows, maybe your review will be the reason our next reader decides it’s time to pick up a bottle for themselves.

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